Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Natalie: What do you want for dinner?
Me: corndogs.
Natalie: there's only 2 left.
Me: That's okay, I only need one.
Natalie: How about Spaghetti?
Me: I hate spaghetti.
Natalie: great! We're having Spaghetti!

Thus is my life.

20 minutes later.... My mom and Natalie bring Spaghetti noodles up from the basement. I kindly take them (and put them in my shirt, desperate times call for desperate measures)

10 minutes later...
Me: Mom, I really don't want spaghetti.
Mom:That's fine, you don't have to have spaghetti.
Me: If I take the Spaghetti noodles out of my shirt can I trust you won't make Spaghetti?
Mom: Yes.
Me: Then why is there water boiling?
Mom: Because I'm making spaghetti.
Me: Then I'm not taking the spaghetti noodles out of my shirt :)
Mom: Ok, then you can explain to everyone at Dairy Queen why you have spaghetti noodles in your shirt.

Fail. (touche mom, touche) Score: Mom: 1 point. Natalie: 1 point. Valerie: 0 points.

5 minutes later..
Natalie walks in the room.
Natalie: Mom, where's the spaghetti?!
Mom: I don't have time to make it..
Natalie: Mom, you have failed!

current score: Mom: 1 point. Natalie: 1 point and Valerie:10 POINTS!!! The world is mine!!!

10 minutes later...
(Me: Mom, i need that picture you took for my blog.
Mom: oh here, now you can download it.
Mom proceeds to pull a whole camera and downloading cord out of her purse! Who does that?! And what else does she have hidden in that tiny purse?! only a mom... only a mom.)

After i download the picture:
Me: Dang I look naaaasty in this picture.
Mom: Yes you do!
Thanks mom... thanks.
current score Mom: 1 point. Natalie: 1 point. Valerie: 9 points (-1 for unattractive photo :) Again... thus is my life.

5 minutes later a girl in the ward that i don't know shows up for Beehives. My mom introduces us as such...
Mom: This is my daughter Valerie. She's 19 and goes to BYU-Idaho, she's just home for the break. and yes, that IS 2 lbs of spaghetti noodles under her shirt.
Me: Now you are just trying to rank up your points!
well done mom... 5 points.

5 minutes later, Steven comes home.
Steven: Why is Valerie's chest in a rectangular shape?
Me: Why do you gotta point it out?! ... i didn't want spaghetti for dinner.
Steven: oh! okay :) (makes sense)... Steven doesn't like spaghetti either. Win :)

I know what you are thinking... (actually, hopefully you have better things to think about... but if not..) you are are thinking what did they end up having for dinner?!
Mommy made corndogs :) (2 points Valerie) and a yummy spinach salad!
...wait... you like salad?! so do I !!! here's the recipe, it's a must try

Summer Spinach salad (compliments to Lisa Slarks)
1 small package slivered almonds
1/4 cup sugar
cook together until sugar coated.
2 large bunches of spinach, cleaned
2 cans mandarin oranges, drained
Sliced red onion
fresh fruits- strawberries, blueberries, kiwi, raspberries or grapes!

mix dressing in blender-
1/2 cup sugar
1 tsp paprika
6 TBls grated red onion
1/4 cup vinegar
1 tsp salt
1 tsp Dry mustard
3/4 cup canola oil
1-2 Tbs poppy seeds

current score: Mom: 6 points. Natalie: 1 measly point! Valerie: 11 points and a corndog. Yes.
I think I'll take the spaghetti noodles out of my shirt now...

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