Sunday, September 5, 2010

Just for the record...

We live in a busy and ambitious world. It's fast pace, accustomed to instant gratification and everything appears to be backed by fact. If there is not undoubted proof, it must not be true right? Let me make something very clear. I'm a perfectionist in a bad way, that is overwhelmed by my own imperfections. I can't seem to ever be happy with a cake I make, and can never do a card trick without the fear It won't work. My grades aren't perfect no matter how much I study. My body isn't perfect and probably never will be. My room is never the perfect temperature, my handwriting is never perfectly even. My posture is imperfect, I sometimes forget to read my scriptures, and can't do math of almost ANY kind without a calculator. I could go on and on about my self absorbed imperfections and shortcomings or how my hair never sits just perfectly, but if there is anything I DO know (and it's probably the only thing I know without a shadow of a doubt) that is that the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints is perfectly true in every way. Sometimes it may seem like things contradict each other, and more often than not I may not understand why God does the things he does, but the fact of the matter is this. I'm not perfect, I am still learning, and until I know everything (which will never happen) I will most likely misunderstand some things. We are not meant to understand everything God does, but to obey him and abide in faith, believing that what he does is correct and for our betterment. The Church is a perfect gospel run by imperfect people and may come off as such. Just because a recipe is perfect does not mean that the manner in which I prepare it will be. For reasons I may never understand, My Lord and Savior loves me perfectly. He himself established his gospel on the earth and even with him as the acting minister, it was sometimes rejected. His gospel left the earth after his death and has been restored. It is not a man-made church but imperfect men act as servants to the lord to sustain it. I know that the Book of Mormon is pure truth. If you have read any of it, you may understand just that. Sometimes I feel like we are so focused on the components of the cake that we miss the dessert entirely. Scriptorians and historians may try to disprove its truth but the fact remains as this: How on earth could a 14 year old boy with a third grade education POSSIBLY make up or write anything so close to scripture without it being of God. Seeing how much he sacrificed to sustain this "lie" is testament enough of it's truth. I know we have a living prophet who continues to give us counsel that the Lord wants us to know for this day in age, for us specifically. I do not have a perfect knowledge of anything outside of the fact that my mother is my mother, but I know this: The Church of Jesus Christ is true. Complex and sometimes "unconventional", when it comes to the works of God, it would have to be, because God has organized things that we as people may never fully comprehend. I guess that is why we are his children and he is our Father. I love this Gospel with all my heart, and it's truthfulness penetrates my soul far deeper than any doubts could scrape. If anyone actually reads this, know it is not meant to offend others of different denominations, merely to make clear a point. There isn't anything that would make me deny it because despite my natural instincts to follow the most visually appealing, entertaining and charismatic of teachings, or to have instant gratification and proof of all aspects in my life, I know my savior and it's within this gospel he resides. More aspects then not are very imperfect within my life, this however is not one of them.

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