Saturday, December 18, 2010

"Got me a new hair dooo" doo doo doooooo

So look, I haven't written a blog in a while. It's weird how when you are at school, for some reason, studying and having a social life sprinkled with a little bit of shut eye seems more important than writing a blog that only, you, your mom, and maybe a friend of a friend of the cousin of your mailman, reads. It's also funny how the only time you feel like you have something important enough to blog about is when you are irritated, or need to vent about something. Come ooon Val, this isn't a journal! Anywho, I'm not going to vent, merely inform. This blog is for everyone who's been asking for updates on my life,and mainly because I just don't want to repeat myself to each person that asks. I'm not trying to be rude, repeating certain events is just kinda like the song "The first cut is the deepest", because every cut after the first may not be as deep, but it still makes you bleed, and hurts when you soak it in vinegar :P (which I wouldn't do, how morbid! haha) Anyways to answer your questions, here we go!
Presenting the reader's digest version of noteworthy events of my semester:
"How's School going?"
-School was REALLY difficult this semester,I don't like my major anymore, but hate change so much that I've chosen to finish it whether I like it or not. Despite my REALLY hard classes, academically, I think I survived. We'll find out in 2-4 weeks.
"Why's the semester so hard, and what happened with your car?"
School was already hard, my confidence in general wasn't super awesome, and Halfway through the semester I was notified my scholarship, that was funding my tuition, was terminated. (oh yea, you soooo did NOT want to be my roommate that week!) I was NOT a happy camper considering It was completely not my fault and completely out of my hands. I hate it when I have no control. Fortunately my very generous and merciful parents covered my expenses for the time being, and EVENTUALLY, I was able to get my scholarship reinstated. That was a good day.
-If you read my blog, you'll know that my car was hit in my parking lot (picture in previous post). One day in the mail I received a generous check from my oldest brother, in order to cover most of the cost to get the damages repaired. WOW. Can you say best brother award for the century?! So over Thanksgiving break my daddy surprised me and took my car in to get the body work repaired. Corolla was BE-AUT-I-FUL! They repainted her bald spot and she was in mint condition. Then on the way out of town to go back to Rexburg, The roads were tremendously slick and we slid through a red light at an intersection (strike 1), hitting a sweet old man with an oxygen tank (strike 2) in a Chrysler Crossfire. (yea, that's a sports car. strike 3) Needless to say, Corolla isn't so perfect anymore but muuuch better off than the car we hit. That wasn't a great day. But, despite the super sketchy driving and weather, we were lucky enough to get to and from Spokane safely, and more importantly I was able to go home for Thanksgiving which I reeeaaallly needed. (plus I bought an antique dresser that I LOVE. Martha Stewart would be so proud.)
" Are you dating anyone?" "What's going on with "Jim"? ("Jim" is the code name for my previous boyfriend)"
- Yes, I will mention my relationship situation. You were all waiting for it, and though I would like to avoid the topic, it kind of ties into everything else so here goes. Many are aware I was dating someone last spring. We'll call him... Jim. We broke up because we were on different tracks at school and there was an 8 month separation. I dated other people, but had a hard time steady dating other people because I didn't have closure on the last relationship and had some hopes for the future. Halfway through the semester one fine gentleman I'd been dating, shot a little e-mail to Jim stating his intentions and asking Jim to figure out what he wanted so that I could have closure and move on. Though he didn't know what he wanted to do at first, Jim's conclusion was that he wanted to date again if I was in Rexburg in the winter. So what did I do? What any twitterpated 19 year old would do! I decided that even though I had no housing, no money and no job, I'd find some way, in this deathly frozen town, to stay. Things felt like they were falling into place; with the help of my parents, I found housing, got my scholarship back and all that was left was to find a job and wait for January. I'm still working on that job searching. (wwwaaaayyyy easier said than done.)Anyway, long story short, the night before my last final, Jim changed his mind, which I can't say I was surprised about, I sensed that would happen. It was nothing the typical break up regime couldn't fix! What's that? Let me tell you. (disclaimer: This may make me look like a psycho, and is probably more than I want people to know but, hey! who reads this anyway?) So. 1. get dummmmped (or rejected in some way) 2. Lay on the bathroom floor and cry until your lungs fill with saltwater, your make up is completely gone and your eyes are burning. 3. Feel reeeeaaally insecure about the fact you just carried out step two, and cry a little more because you feel stupid. 4. CALL MOM! That poor woman, she alllways knows a storm is coming if I call her on the weekends or late in the evening. (in this particular case, 2 a.m., I have the best mom EVER.) 5. Mom tells you everything you need to hear, and then tells you to go to bed. (usually because it's late, most likely because She wants to go to bed ;) 6. Go to bed. Nuff said. 7. Spend the next few weeks listening to sad country love songs that TOTALLY describe how you are feeling, and try to move on and get over the rejection you TOTALLY blew out of proportion. Some personal favorites: "I can't make you love me" -Bonnie Raitt, "Miss me baby" -Chris Cagle, "The best I've ever had" (Gary Allen version), "Stay with me" -Josh Gracin, "Cry" -Faith Hill, and " Remember me" or pretty much any Tim McGraw song. These next few are not country but are sooo appropriate for break-ups: "If it means a lot to you" -A Day to Remember (<-- personal Fav.), "Just a Dream" -Nelly, "You Be The Anchor That Keeps My Feet On The Ground, I'll Be The Wings That Keep Your Heart In The Clouds" (long title I know) -Mayday Parade. Yea, just a taste if you need a good break-up playlist. Pretty sure my roommate Caitlyn has all of those songs memorized from me playing them so often hahaha. Oh, and I work out. a lot. So basically, in a nut shell, I'm single, jobless and most definitely staying in Rexburg during the blood chilling months of winter. Also, GUESS. WHAT. I. DID? Something I regret very much. Have you ever heard the song "I look so good without you" by Jessie James? It's a great song if you need a pick me up, even if you don't feel the way the lyrics proclaim. anyway, the chorus says, "I look so good without you Got me a new hairdo Lookin' fresh and brand new since you said that we were through" Hearing this, what do you think I did? Yooou guess it! I decided to go to Paul Mitchell and get a haircut. One was desperately needed, as was a nice head massage to relieve the tension of finals and the previous cry fest. Well, it was very counter productive. The student cut my hair kinda like a mullet, and gave me bangs. BANGS! I did NOT want BANGS!!!! I paid my $9.00, sat in my car and cried. Went home, and decided with my roommate Brittani, that we were going to fix this. What fixes a hair cut you ask? It's permanent right? Well... apparently dying it BLACK fixes bad haircuts. wow. It's been an exhausting week. haha now I have very Edgy hair that might look good one someone else, but rather than "lookin fresh and brand new" I just kinda feel... not me. I don't think I'm gonna get my hair cut at Paul Mitchell again any time soon. Pictures? oh I'll give you pictures. I have my hair pulled back, like I probably will for the next 3 months to hide the mullet layers. And I cheated and used photobooth, because photobooth on my macbook takes much more appealing pictures.

Look mom. I'm okay. And I feel kinda like Edna Mode. I think I'll really take off with that. The possibilities are endless.

Do you see it? Well fine... who asked what you thought anyway? hahaha

And here I'm a monkey. Why? Because I can be. and I'm bored. home alone. and single. Why am I single? I mean really... Who wouldn't want this?!?! ( hahahaha oh I slay myself paaaahahahahaha)
back to business....
"But Valerie, why not go home?!"
Well, my housing is paid for and at this point, non-refundable. It's alright though, I've realized that had I decided to go home, Wondering what could have been and being alone, working at good ol' DQ, might have driven me to insanity and mild violence upon something innocent and cuddly. That, or I would have eaten my weight in all the stress baking I would have subjected my family to. Don't get me wrong, I am extremely homesick. I want to go home very badly. But against what I want, staying in Rexburg is probably better for me.
- On a brighter note, I lost 5 pounds this semester! That pleases me :) haha and The Gospel of Jesus Christ is still very much true. (Which is just excellent.) And against all odds, the sun still rises. Every. freakin. day. haha
Moving on.
"Are you coming home for Christmas?"
At this point, I have no clue. I'm staying in Rexburg until the 22nd, earning a tiny bit of cash cleaning some apartments. Then, I'm driving down to Vegas to meet my familia there, and then going to Arizona. I probably could go home, but A. Gas is expensive, and I'd prefer to buy groceries next month. B. I don't want to drive 8 hours alone. and C. I HATE winter driving. Thanksgiving break confirmed that it is straight up scary! yea.. no bueno. If I can get a ride back to Rexburg from Spokane, I'll go home, but at this point I have no plan. If there's anything I've learned this semester, it's that I cannot plan for anything, because I have no control over too many things. My new life mantra is to just fly by the seat of my pants wherever the wind takes me. We'll see how that goes...
Anyway, that's it in a nut shell. Pretty sure this blog was waaaay more information than I wanted anyone to know, but at least It'll save me a loooot of explaining. Oh, and please don't ask for more details. If you do, I'll probably tell you some, but I really don't want to. please and thank you. Also, "Jim" is still a wonderful person. None of what had happened is his fault and we are still good friends. The feelings were mutual, just a bummer, and that's life. Also, I'd really like for you to humor the whole "Break up" section. Laugh about it, it's okay. I promise I'm not as much of a crazy as I sound. or am I? dun dun duuunnn haha. For now, I'm chillin in Rexburg with plenty of quality Me time.
ALSO. I think I want to start a new blog. ideas? My friend Shelley suggested a baking blog, and showed me a suuper cute blog called "The Daybook" that had me inspired. Needless to say, I'm not nearly as cute, and witty as the blogger of "The Daybook", nor am I married which doubles her cuteness factor, but all the same, I could use a change.
Thanks for bearing with this post. Thanks for checking up on me. I hope I put everyone's questions to rest, and have a wonderful Christmas!!!


  1. Oh Val Pal... Everything will be okay! I promise!

  2. Okay, I know you wrote this like forever ago, but it made me miss you even more than I already do, which, just in case you somehow didn't know, is A LOT. That is all.

    P.S. I blogged! Aren't you proud?
    P.P.S. You can't just drop "hitting a sweet old man with an oxygen tank (strike 2)" and then not follow up! lol did he... well, is he okay? hahaha


  3. haha no Jeanelle. He perished in the fire ;)
    jk, he's a tough cookie, and total sweetheart. He walked it off. And introduced us to his poodle. haha


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