Friday, December 31, 2010

So a blog I like to read has something called "Awkward and Awesome Thursdays". Though I do not plan on doing a list of awkward and awesome things often, there has been a whooole lot of awkward and awesome in this grand old week of Christmas and I figure, what better way to sum it all up!? So here it is, my Awkward and awesome list:
Awesome: Being totally alone in my apartment in Rexburg while I clean for a few days. Usually I don't do well being alone, but for some reason it was really nice.
Awkward: Cleaning some UBER-nasty guys apartments for hours on end. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, some stains just don't come out! (said in an infomercial voice)
Awesome: Spending qaulity time with those fair few still left in Rexburg, and moving my stuff into my new apt. (Where Erryn and I will drive each other crazy!!! woooo!)
Awkward (or more appropriately described as not-so-awesome):
-Eating more food in a day than is typically eaten in a week.
Awesome: Having all the food I have eaten be completely free. (for me at least)
Awesome: Staying at Circus Circus and my dad making the comment that he feels like we're staying at the United Nations.
Double Awkward: Having a middle eastern family walk into the elevator right after my dad makes the comment about feeling like we are staying at the United Nations.
Awesome: Watching a beautiful and muscular Bulgarian male acrobat perform in a circus act. Thank you Bulgaria for your contributions to this world, and my vacation.
Awkward: The asian kid behind me blowing spit bubbles during the circus. Thank you China for YOUR contribution.
Awesome: Walking the strip of Vegas and taking a picture of every letter of the alphabet from the variety of signs.
Awkward or more like SLEEZY: The pimps on every corner passing out porno cards for their "escort" business.
Double awkward: Not speeding up fast enough to walk between the pimps and my 16 year old brother, glaring at a mexi-pimp, and having him smile and grab my hand as I walk by. If I only have one hand the next time you see me, it is because I soaked the other in acid.
Awesome: Making endless fat jokes about my pregnant sister in law (ie: Did Holly leave any food at the Buffet? We know Holly is full! Are you tired Holly?... We can roll you to the hotel room! and so on...)
Awkward: Making endless fat jokes about my pregnant sister in law. (Someday I know she will have her vengeance...)
Awesome: The snack plate of home made goodies at Grandma's house that never. runs. out! It's like the Mary Poppins bag for desserts!
Awkward: ALWAYS picking the fruit and nut candy out of the SEES candy box first. You'd think after 19 years of trying to NOT get the fruit and Nut, that I'd learn what it looks like. I think the makers purposefully make it the biggest and most appealing (looking) chocolate in the box just to trick me every year!
Awesome: PRESENTS!!! and gorgeous weather.
Awkward: Having cold feet. IN ARIZONA!!!
Awesome: Taking a long nap for the first time in weeks. (yea, I'm a baby)
Awkward: Being awoken from the nap by my brothers jumping on me and quoting the movie Heavyweights ("Time to wake up children. GOOD MOOORRRRNING!")
Double Awkward: My brothers smelling like bad onions and beef and breathing in my face. Lay off the salsa guys.
Awkward: Having my cousin ask where I was living these days, replying BYU-Idaho, and then not being able to tell whether he was joking when He asked where Idaho was and if that was a state. He's from Washington. Disclaimer: REXBURG is small. IDAHO is not :)
Awkward: Leaving my phone at another house ALL DAY (which never happens) and coming back home to find a textbox full of messages, only to find a voicemail, from my brother, that he left when he was sitting with me in the car when I recognized I'd left my phone. I feel so cool.
Awesome: Sleeping, or trying to, on a looong car trip.
Awesome: Getting the movie Pearl Harbour for Christmas. GREATEST. MOVIE. EVER. It's got the looooove and the action and the looove and Ben Affleck+Josh Hartnett in the same movie. WHO COULD ASK FOR MORE?!
Awkward: Standing in line, behind an old mexican man, for the dressing room at Victoria's Secret. Nuff said.
I'm sure there was plenty more awkward and awesome moments, but thank your lucky stars that I won't bore you with more. Now, perhaps I should go do something more productive with my day. (haha riiiight)
Anywho... You have a good... no... GREAT day!


  1. ha ha oh my gosh that united nations is so awesome. That's something I would say...and then get caught doing. I'm starting something called overheard Friday where everyone can read the ridiculous things I hear....BYU is full of them let me tell ya.
    Wearing It On My Sleeves

  2. I was visiting this page and I saw a tumble-weed roll by this post! When are you going to post again? It's good stuff! Give the people what they want!


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