Monday, February 28, 2011

The infamous Valentines post... belated.

It's true, I am a few days, no, weeks, late to post about Valentines day, but hey, plenty of people celebrated it early, why can't I talk about it a little late huh?! That's what I thought. Ya know what, Valentines day is great. Some people call it "singles awareness day" and act all me-against-the-world, but frankly that's just an excuse to whine about how no one loves them and eat a whooole lot of cookie dough. Valentines day isn't a day to mope about whether someone is gonna buy you chocolate or not, its about letting those you love, know you care! Come on people, I'll admit I'm not the greatest at showing affection. Frankly, it makes me kinda uncomfortable, but even I can suck it up for one day out of the year! Though we should always show affection, February 14th gives us an excuse to do a little something extra special. I'm pleased to announce that this Valentines day was a little more special than usual because yes ladies and gentleman, for the first time since 5th grade, I had a Valentine. A real Valentine. That wasn't my parents ;) But I'll get to that. In the past, my Valentines days have consisted of heart shaped pizzas from Papa Murpheys, a bag of candy from my daddy and the infamous "10 things I love about Valerie..." note my momma leaves under my plate at dinner. This year, being my first V-day away from home, was a little different. I left for work at 6:30 am because I was substituting in the special Ed department at an elementary school, therefore, I got to attend my first school Valentines day party since 5th grade! I played on a playground, helped pass out valentines and read cheesy picture books. After work I raced home and started right on the homework I procrastinated all weekend. baaad idea. My sweet boyfriend (yes, that's right... boyfriend!) so patiently waited HOURS after we planned to have dinner for me to finish my work. When I finally completed my work I raced over to his house to find what you ask? An adorable little candle lit dinner.

And get this, he cooked it. All of it. All. By. Himself. whataman. And on top of that, it was daaaang good. That's right. Be jealous.

The Valentines package was complete with the classic red rose, fondue, a box of chocolates, candles, you name it, he pretty much did it. He's just so good to me. My momma also sent me the necessities in a lil care package complete with that "10 things I love about Valerie" list, dried fruit and "The perfect man" (He's decadently rich and sweet, as every man should be ;D ).

Doesn't she know me so well? Now I already had the perfect man, so Naturally, it's destiny was to be re-gifted to someone who would truly appreciate all he had to offer. (none other than this lovely Lay-day!)

(yes, our tongues are blue... don't ask questions.)
That's right boys, for a limited time only, she. is. single. All the same, it made my day <3 In other big news, I never announced that I'm not starving and unemployed! That's right ladies and Gents, I got a job the second week being back from break. It's a half hour commute to work all the way in IF which seriously hurts the wallet, but nonetheless, it is a blessing. Jobs are not easy to come by these days, especially in you live in Rexburg. So where am I working. get this: I am a "developmental therapy technician". Sounds legit and official right? I know. Really though, it's nice. It's at a place called the Childrens Adventure Center where I work one on one with children that have different special needs and handicaps (insert retard joke about how I should be the one attending there --> here). It's fun, hard and overall rewarding. Won't lie, if you're in it for the money, not the best choice (I made $1.25/hr more working at DQ...) none the less, I like it, and love the children I work with. They are something special... no pun intended.

Also, presidents day weekend I got to go to Utah with my family and meet the newest addition to our family! drumroll please, LAAAADIES AND GENTLMEN ( )... THE MOMENT YOU'VE ALL BEEN WAITING FOR... FOR THE FIRST TIME ON THIS BLOG, WE INTRODUCE (duce...duce..duce...) HEIDI ADELE BRAUN!!!

(and the croud goes wiiiild)
Look are her! Isn't she a Doll?! Listen guys, I'll be the first to admit that when babies are born, they are straight up ugly. They come out screaming and hollaring "oh cruel world, why me?!", all pale and slimy. half the time, I think mom shoulda let them cook a few more months. Then they get used to the air and get baby acne, gain weight, they scream and cry and puke on everything... I mean really, they typically don't get cute until a few weeks in. Am I right?! You may not think so if you are a mother and have experienced this "miracle" firsthand, but for those of us who are the innocent and sympathizing bystanders, oh yea, babies look like ticked off little lizards. Not my niece though :) And I am totally not biased. She seriously is an angel and behaves like one too. It's hardly fair. I just know I'll be the one that has the babies grandma and grandpa never want to babysit. ah well. Anyways, we just love her to pieces.

I was a little disappointed that she didn't come out looking like a monkey. After all, Her father is a baboon (family joke). Looks like Holly (my sister-in-law) has dominant genes, or she's got some explaaaaiiiinnning to do! (hehehe)
look at that happy lil family. (In all fairness, I'm half hoping their next baby looks like an alien.. or has 6 fingers on one hand. Either will do, I'm not too picky :) ssshhhh, don't tell.)

aaaand, on top of that, My parents let my lovely roommate Erryn come!!!

Our little photographer documented the weekend for us. It was way fun. I got to visit my best friends at BYU-Provo for a night which was so great :)
There they are... aren't they gorgeous?

Provo wasn't quite ready for all that greatness.
We got a hotel room to ourselves. What would any mature girls do? Put one make-up and take advantage of the macbook app. Photobooth. Duh.

We think we are sooooo funny.

oh but we are...

We like each other.
All in all, we kept it under control. minus the noise complaint... I mean really, come oooon people, it's the weekend, who really goes to bed at 10? Yea.. that's what I thought.
Also, does anyone remember the book "The Stinky Cheese Man"? Kinda a disturbing children's book that was of course, a childhood favorite at the Braun home. Anywho, the artist of that book always painted the creepiest lil characters that had, like, a thousand abnormally small teeth right?! With that in mind, check out Erryn in this top left hand corner picture.

PAAAHAHAHAHAHA do you see the stinky cheese man in that?! Right, that's what I thought. Frick-in fuuuunnnay. Still not seeing it? lemme help you out.

How about now? ... no? Sorry. Let me see if someone can overnight express ship you a sense of humor! Because this is dang funny. Also, bottom right corner: Natalie= dementor. Doesn't she look like she's gonna suck the happiness outta you! oh yea, the truth comes out. Needless to say, that basically sums up my life as we know it. I may not write blogs often, but at least when I do, you know it'll be looong enough! til next time! Au revoir!