Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Ya know who you look like...

Don't you love it when people stop you in random places and say, "you look like (insert celebrity name here)!" I think it's awesome. Then again, I probably wouldn't think so if they said I looked like Martin Short or Whoopie Goldberg... anyway, the point is, that's just so fun! This past week I've been told by strangers that I look like 3 different TV stars, all of which I found to be very flattering. All you TV watchers, put on your seat belts, and tell me how accurate they really are! For those of you who don't know what I look like.... WHAT THE HECK ARE YOU DOING CREEPING ON MY BLOG! DO I EVEN KNOW YOU?! Not the point, all are welcome, I'm happy to have you here :) anyway, I'm going to put a picture, below the celeb pictures, where I think I can maaaaybe see a resemblance. Shall we?

The one I get on a regular basis, more than any other is of course Leah Michele, more commonly known as "Rachel Berry" or "The girl from Glee". I don't watch much TV but after the 10th or 11th time I heard this, naturally I had to see this show. Of course I'm commonly asked if I can sing like her: The answer is heeeeeck no. But I'd like to :)

Do you see it? I don't know...
More recently I was told I look like Chantal O. Who's she? all you ladies who watch the bachelor will know! She's one of the 2 final women fighting for Mc-dreamy Brad Womacks heart. This one I found especially flattering, because frankly, I think she is stunning.

And last but not least (or is it?) I was told I looked like Demi Lovato. THIS was a first, and probably a last. haha I don't have a picture for this one because frankly... I just don't get it. haha

So there you are. They all have brown eyes, dark dark dark hair and very tan skin, but other than that, I think they look very different from each other. Nonetheless, I have no problem being perceived with those traits :) Sa-weeeeet!

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  1. You TOTALLY look like the girl from Glee which is a TOTAL compliment! And I can see the Chantal O. thing, too!!!


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