Monday, April 11, 2011


My roommate Erryn and I got to go down to Salt Lake City, Utah for General Conference recently with our boyfriends. This was our nice little weekend getaway ;)

Erryn and I got lost and walked around Salt Lake for an hour looking for our car while our Boyfriends were at Priesthood session, and we ate at a DE-lish-OUS chinese place with some of Boyfriends family and then went and rented a movie, bought ice cream, and snuggled. Here's some pictures to sum it all up :) love you guys!
Erryn and her Boy-Toy:

AAAAND me and my man:

It's a mans world. Need I say more? hahaha


  1. HAHAHAHAH I laughed in public at my computer screen, talk about embarrassing. Please tell me those pictures weren't staged :)

    Hey girly has your semester started?

  2. Also I'm really liking the new blog design! Cute and easier to read :)


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