Monday, May 9, 2011

Let me tell you about my mommy...

She's the best.

I could end it there but it hardly does justice huh? I know I'm a little late on the mother's day post but come on, I'm a little late on everything aren't I? (refer to Valentines Day post...haha) Anywho, some of the reason's I love my momma are, and are not limited to:
1. She's selfless. Until her children graduate high school, she makes their lunches the night before school. Complete with all the food groups and nutrients of course, with your chips, snack, fruit, drink, and sandwich (on occasion a peanut butter and frosting sandwich!). Yea, we never went hungry.
2. She's artistic. She's the one that got me into drawing, scrap booking, and all things home-maker-ish. If I want to do a craft project, she'll find a way to let me do it. (like going to Value Village and finding an antique dresser to re-furnish... I'll get around to it eventually!)
3. She always lets me use my creativity. I can remember twice in my life, when she did not let me wear what I wanted to wear. You'd know one of them because she wouldn't let me wear my "jellie" shoes for our Christmas card family photo, and being the angel that I am, I made it VERY clear in that photo that I was NOT a happy camper haha. Many times I wore my silky ballet outfit to the park, my shoes on the wrong feet, and church shoes with my PJ's. That's how the cool kids do it. Did my mom stop me? NOPE :)
We all scream for ice cream!

4. She always takes care of her children. What other mom lets her kids nap in the bath tub?

5. She lets kids be kids, whether it's playing in the mud, blowing soap bubbles in the kitchen or wrestling on her bed, fun's not over until the ambulance is called. She had this HOT pink lipstick I'd always steal from her make-up drawer, did she get mad? Only when I'd draw on the mirror with it, but as far as I can remember, some of my fondest memories were with that lipstick around my neck.
how's the ground treatin ya Natalie? I win. Tough nubs.
I'm too sexy for my shirt. so sexy it hurts.

6. My momma read to me, would cuddle with me while I fell asleep, and still does. (Yes, sometimes on Friday nights I DO call my mom and have her read to me... don't you?)
7. We are never without. If I wanna bake, mom gets the supplies to bake, If I wanna shop, mom drives me to the store, if I wanna plant a garden, mom digs up the parnips we forgot about.... 4 months later.
8. My momma always put bows in my hair. I love those little things. In fact, she'd tie bows in my hair all the way up until high school. Since I went to college, I don't wear bows anymore :(

9. Mom is a hard worker. During the school year she was never far away, being active in the PTA, helping in classrooms, on the playground and during the summer, she worked at home, taking breaks to make tuna for lunch and drive us to piano lessons. Man I love tuna. especially cut in those little triangles. mmmmm.
10. My mom dressed all us kids up in obnoxious yellow matching shirts when we'd go places. We were so cool.

look at all those chicken legs.

11. My momma is smart. seriously. I didn't fully realize it until I got to college and she was teaching me how to do annuity. The woman's got skills.
12. My Mommy is a spiritual rock, and the strongest woman I know. She's patient, kind, understanding, and positive in all that life throws at her.

13. Mom always has the best advice. She has an ability to remain unbiased in situations and analyze all areas of concern or confusion. Mom knows best, and I can talk to her about anything.

Sweet floral print pants and scrunchie mom :)
14. She's a loving momma, and an even more loving grand-momma.

"All that I am, I owe to my angel mother."

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  1. Thanks Valerie. You are amazing. I just realized that every time my children do something ridiculous I take a picture of it. Now, years later, they remember all the nutty things that they put me through and it's working to my advantage.


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