Sunday, June 19, 2011

Hello world, meet Fiance!

Hey all, I have someone I want you to meet. His name is Ryan, but we're gonna call him fiance (calling him fiance adds character to my blog right?). Look at him. ISN'T HE ADORABLE?! oooh I just melt. (Yes, I may or may not have cropped another girl out of this picture. It's my fiance and blogger right!)

Anyways I kinda love him. Quite a bit actually. He's just so sweeet and cuuuute and oh how could you say no to that face?! AND he speaks Spanish. bi-lingual baby. (Hott right? right.) Anyways, I could go on all day giving you factual information about this fine son of god, OR I could tell you some of the reasons I love him. Now, I don't have all day, so I won't mention everything, but I'll give you some basics so that you can love him too!
1. Ryguy is a man. a real man. (to save time I'm copy and pasting from my wedding blog. Those of you who have or will read it may see repeats.)Anyways, yes, Ryan is a real man. He's not a man in the "let's watch sports, play with video games and power tools, and shoot something" sorta way. He's a man in his utmost respect for woman, the way that he honors his priesthood, in how hardworking he is, and his unfailing patience. He's a man in his complete lack of a spirit of entitlement or dominance. He gives foot massages, takes me on dates, and let me pick pink towels for the bathroom. If that's not a man, I don't know what is.
2. Ryan is sooo sweet to me. He is always sensitive to my feelings, and wants, and 99% of the time he lets me pick out the Friday night movie.
3. To follow up number 2, he's selfless. Disgustingly selfless. He's walking a very fine line between treating me well and spoiling me. Dangerous right? Sounds like we'll need marriage counseling ;)
4. He's SOOOOO smart. Let's be honest people, a primary reason I am marrying him is so that our children can inherit a shred of brains. Really though, He has such a vigor for learning, and I swear he remembers everything he reads! I used to hate kids like that. They make all us dummies that study for hours and retain nothing look bad. haha
5. He is a rock. This guy has a good head on his shoulders, and exceptional priorities. It is clear that his life and actions are conducted by and in accordance with the gospel of Jesus Christ. (again, what a man.)
6. He is SUCH a hard worker. I was told that girls marry men just like their father and in this case, that has clearly manifested itself true. There are no limitations on how hard Ryan will work to get something he wants.
7. In response to 6, Ryan see's no limitations. I've met 2 people in my life who have an unfailing belief that you can truly get anything you want if you are willing to work hard enough. Ryan is one of them.
8. He consistently builds me up. Ryan has never been intentionally rude, crude, malicious or demeaning in any sense. He is an embodiment of the word Respect.
9. Ryan is mature. He has a clean sense of humor, and does not participate in activities that are childish, or inappropriate. There was one time he played a sassy little prank on me, but that may be the only dirt I have to dig up for, well, eternity.
10. Ryan is talented. He plays the gooter (guitar) beautifully.
11. He is goal oriented. When I first met him I was a little concerned. The guy I'd previously dated had his goals set out and planned on becoming and anesthesiologist. With that being said, knowing I was attracted to Ryan, I was a little concerned when he said he was just taking his general classes, and was debating between a seminary teacher and working for the FBI (CIA? I can't remember, and to this day am not sure if he was joking) Translation: I have no clue what I want to do with me life. uh oh. Why'd he have to be so cute. I'm happy to say this preconditioned Idea was false ladies and gentlemen, that's right, Ryan Stratford has chosen a major :) (cough-forthethirdtime-cough) Point is, he has a plan, he's determined, and I fully trust in his choices, priorities, and ambition.
12. For numero twelve, I'm gonna divert your attention to the following picture: (Special thanks to facebook and my super-stalker-photo-retrieving-skills)

Look at it. IS HE NOT THE CUTEST BABY EVER!? Clearly, I cannot go wrong in the baby area. AND LOOK AT HIS MOM! She's smoking hott. I soooo hope Jolicious (Ryan's Madre) has dominant genes. That'll make me a happy camper.

Also, Let me point something out people. Ryan would probably claim that he did all the work in this relationship and he pursued me, yadda yadda yadda. BUT I'll have you all know, I wanted to see what he was all about since day one, and he was NOT interested in me. In fact, we'd conversed a few times before he decided to give me a chance. Pretty sure we'd been FHE sibling for a whole month before he gave me the time of day. Rude right? It's fine.. totally over it. BUT because he's a lawyer at heart, and would probably deny it, I have evidence. Check it.

oooooh the separation. Good thing I whipped out my Love potion. Desperate times call for desperate measures.

Now just one more picture...

That's right. Bask in my future babies glory. He is such a cutie. Anyways, That's Fiance. I really like him. A lot. and in 2 months I get to see him again and never ever have to say goodbye. Boy do we have the system rigged or what? haha

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  1. Basically, I love that you spell hott with two ts. Also, I still love to read your blog.


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