Sunday, June 26, 2011


That's right, you heard correct. On this fine Sunday afternoon I asked myself "Valpal, what shall we do today?" and Valpal answered "What any young, normal latter day saint woman would do! (that doesn't talk to herself in third person)". Soooo I made a baby. All by myself (and with a little help from fiance's dad). ....(oh wooaaah, that sounds very wrong). But it's true. With hours in the science lab, many trial and errors, countless chemicals, test tubes, and photographs from Fiance's papa, I morphed my darling face, and Fiance's darling face into one adorable baby :) "The Boss" (aka Fiance's daddy) is gonna have to be careful about what kinds of things he gives me from now on :D hahaha You just never know what could happen!
ya know what? Baby making really is such an art and I must say, I think I've really out done myself. I truly don't know how I'll top this most recent creation. In fact, all children that I birth, that do not look like this, are being shipped right back to the factory that we ordered them from! (just kidding mom! hehehe) So here she is! (or he, I can't really tell the gender.)
(I named it "Vryan". "Ralerie" sounded too much like Scooby Doo named it)

OHHH DOESN'T YOUR HEART JUST MELT?! Oh please mom can I keep it?! Pleeeeaaaase? I promise to feed it, and change it, and I'll never let it sleep in the bathtub!

Seriously though... I think school is making my brain melt. I'm starting to lose all sanity. If this isn't proof, I don't know what is.

Also, remember when I said it took a lot of trial and error to make my baby? I wasn't joking. The first baby kinda looked like the spawn of a caveman. proof? Here ya go!

SEE! hahaha I wasn't kidding. I thought it was adorable! Until my roommate pointed out the neanderthal-like-brow and cleft palette. Now I understand the phrase "a face only a mother could love". Anywho, that's the extent of my day. Have a wonderful Sabbath :)

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