Sunday, August 28, 2011

Mawrraige. It's not what brings us together today. or yesterday.

This weekend I was supposed to be married to a very incredible man. A few people have expressed concern of how I've been handling it, so here it is. I went camping with my family. Aside from lying in a sleeping bag trying to fall asleep, driving, and staring at the stars, I was mostly able to distract myself from the fact that instead of swimming in murky water chalked full of fish scales and numberless childrens urine, I should be dancing with my sweetheart, or sitting in the temple, or other such wedding-esque activities. We drove home around 3, I made dinner for my parents that they claim was tasty, but then again I'm not 12; we don't need to sugar coat things, the stuff I served them I didn't even wanna taste-test. shag to the nasty. It was trial and error, and around 9 I considered just popping a frozen pizza in the oven because they are my parents and are required to love me regardless. Never the less I fed them dog food. To redeem myself, we bought my mom 10 lbs of Butterfinger candy topping from DQ for a life time supply of blizzards at home, at her command, so that made everything better. Then I took a bath for some alone time. It turns out that when the dishwasher, and bath water run at the same time, one gets priority over the other in the hot water category. It's not the bath tub. So while my mom boiled water, pioneer style, I sat in a cold tub and soaked in the warmth of my sorrows. haha The point is, It's fine. It's interesting when you think about choices. We hear that the choices we make greatly influence our lives. duh. But I don't think you can often imagine this clearly how different your life could be depending on your choices. For example, I chose not to get married. It's pretty easy to see how very different my life is gonna be for at least the next few years due to this choice. Some for the best, mostly the worst, I don't know. It's very surreal I must say. Anyways, to those that are wondering, I'm hanging in there.
Happy 29th anniversary yesterday mom and dad. It's marriages like yours that give us all unrealistically high hopes of how perfect marriage is supposed to be.

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  1. Thanks Sweetie... and dinner was divine, much better than eating out, any day. You took a day that most would have used wallowing in self pity, and used it to share, and listen and serve. You're one amazing lady. Love.


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