Saturday, August 20, 2011


Ok.... It's not Tuesday. I get it. But whenever I think about Monte Cristos, I think of a special memory of a certain Ryan Stratford yelling "Monte Cristo Tuesdays!" when I made them for him for the first time. We agreed that every Tuesday of our marriage, we'd have Monte Cristos. Later after some changes, we agreed that his future wife is never allowed to make them for him, and I'll never make them for my spouse in return. Besides that fact, Monte Cristos  will always come with the memory of Ryan's silly high-pitched immitation of our children running home yelling "Monte Christo Tuesday!". When I got home from Rexburg, the first thing I did was make Monte Christos. Yummmm. Yummy and most importantly easy!

So here is it in a nutshell: ham, turkey, swiss (you keeping up with me here?) between two slices of french toast, (keep talking...) warmed and drizzled with syrup. Ladies and gentlemen, I give you heaven.
You're welcome :)

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