Tuesday, August 30, 2011


Ok. So I'm not a huuuuge sewer, really, I keep it pretty basic. BUUUT recently my cousin had twin babies that are a-dor-to-the-ble, and I have the most angelic little neice... I just couldn't resist making some little onsies. After all, If they are gonna be related to me, I must ensure they are representing my genetics in style. These aren't original, I'm sure you've seen outfits like these before but I'm still pretty proud.
The little girl's one actually has a little pearl necklace sewn onto it now, which in my opinion makes it even cuter. Hopefully my cousin Emily doesn't read my blog because I haven't sent these to her yet, I just couldn't wait to show you all! But if she does read this... Surprise Emily! I made Collin and Ireland some onsies, I hope you love them as much as me! (The onsies, not the babies... Though I love them too :)

And here is my favorite model of all, showcasing her outfit she received in the mail last week. Seriously people, this little Angel may make me reconsider my oath to not reproducing. Maybe.
Oh yea. That's a cute baby.

 And here's a more recent picture my sister-in-law snapped. haha Sleeping in church? She must take after her daddy. Jkjk.

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