Friday, August 26, 2011

Mens shirt = New skirt!

Tomorrow I go camping. I was supposed to be having a wedding reception, but let's pretend that wasn't supposed to happen for the sake of optimism. Anyways, before I disappear from civilization with my friend Rilee and my family (photos to come I'm sure) I wanted to quickly post about one of my recent craft projects. Drumroll please! dadadadadadadadadadadadadadadadadadadadadadum!

lovelovelove might I add. I saw something similar to this online, and was in love. So I marched myself down to Value Village with the lovely Whitney Landon, coughed up a whopping $4.99 for a light blue men's shirt I adored, and marched myself home where it sat in the grocery bag for 2 weeks until my mom found the time to help me with it :) Actually, she did more than help me, she basically did the whole thing. Woman's got skill. I did, however, spend 2 movies hand sewing the front seam together and adding lil buttons, hooks and what not. It was supposed to be a pencil skirt, but my body's kinda weird sooo normal skirt it is; which I'm okay with. Actually, not just okay with, I love this lil skirt. My recommendation if you are to try this, use a heavy fabric, my slip kinda harshes my mellow.

Here's the tutuorial we used,  but really my mom kinda made most of it up. Talent I say.  (
Happy Sewing!

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