Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Awkward/Awesome Disneyland wrap up.

Here's the long time needed Disneyland update! Because I'm too lazy, and busy to go into detail of it all, we're pulling the equally fun "awkward and awesome" summary. Enjoy.
Awesome: Pizza for dinner in a hotel room. That's gonna be my dream honeymoon baby... or would have been. Except I was with my parents. (awkward)
Awesome (and kinda awkward): Being on a different flight from my family. I had the independence, along with the imaginary game pretending I was an orphan child running away from the child services. You should try it sometime. It's riveting.
Awkward: Having security search through my baggage, finding a homemade loaf of bread, me making the joke "Careful, She's still hot out of the oven and ready to blow!" ha. ha. ha. uhhh not funny? oknevermindsorry. Come on security people lighten up.
Awesome: People at the airport. I love people watching. (for more info read here)

Awkward: Searching for my wallet in my backpack for 20 minutes, and having the cashier at over-priced airport store watch closely to make sure I'm not stealing. "Sorry, I can't find my wallet, but I really want this chex mix! Can I give you one of my arms or legs instead? That's what you charge isn't it?...."
Awesome: California Temples. Especially the San Diego. I don't care where my future man is from, we're getting married there.

Awesome: Disneyland. It really is the happiest place on earth people.
Awkward: An employee at Disneyland chewing out my little brother for taking a water bottle on a ride. Hey lady, you work at the happiest place on earth! Smile and leave this child alone! cough-bully-cough.

Awkward: How looong some of the lines were at D-land, and how strange some of the people in them were. Personal Favorite, the matching gay couple wearing a Repeal Prop 8, legalize Gay marriage shirt. Ok, you've made your point clear, now let me enjoy time with my straight, gender balanced parents.
Awesome: The fireworks at Disneyland! They started while me and the siblings were on the Teacup ride... oh the music, we danced and skipped, I felt like peter pan. Pictures will never do this magic justice.
 Also Awesome: The teacup ride. Nuff said.

Awesome: The rides. Space mountain, Indiana Jones, I sure loved the Finding Nemo one! Lemme tell you, advancing technology is starting at Disneyland. They are holding out on us.
Awkward: Seeing two mexican guys with shirts that said "Free Chorizo's" and an arrow pointing down. Ryan speaks Spanish. "Hey Ryan, what does "Chorizo" mean?" Ryan:"ohhh they are these amaaazing sausages." ... ... sickos. Cue barfing now.
Awkward: Every picture of me taken on any ride. wow. I'm a looker. That last picture was in the Hollywood tower hotel. Freaking scary ride people. I hate rides that drop without warning.

Awesome: I saw Sully! none of my family did. But I know he was there.
Double Awesome: The Bug's Life part of California adventures. Would that not be the funnest part of the park to brainstorm?! Oh ok I got it... What about we make benches that look like giant popsickle sticks? yea yea! oh oh, and when people enter, they can walk through a tunnel, but it's not really a tunnel, it's a cereal box! Oh that's good, somebody give Earl a raise!
Awkward: Matching T-shirt with the fam. We used to do it when we were younger, I thought it was gonna be awesome! Oh yea... I'm 20 years old. Matching your mom isn't really that cool anymore. whoops.
 Awkward: Taking an ice cube from a fruit kiosk at Disneyland, and getting the stink eye from an employee. Excuse me sir, do you know who I am? I'm a good girl, not some criminal! Sorry I took a peice of your ice, last time I checked it was 85 degrees outside, and everyone at Disneyland was being COOKED TO DEATH! Here's $5 for the ice cube, I know you charge a little more than that, but that's all you're getting for the dirty look!
Awesome: Having a girl walk next to me, ask where we were from and... oh yea, if we were LDS. Was it the Matching shirts that tipped you off? Partially but no, it was the dashing good looks and modest shorts. haha Good thing I didn't wear my boo-tay shorts. It was tempting.
Awesome: Piggy back rides. and lots of them! I had no idea how sore my feet would get!

Really, Really Awesome: The World of Colors water show. Indescribable, and totally amazing. It. was. so. cool. I don't care if you pay $80 to get in the park to just see that. Do it.
Awesome: PINEAPPLE WHIP! My roommate Breanne always raved about it, and rightly so! The most amazing pineapple yumminess ever. When I'm preggo, My hubby had better be ready to drive to D-land and get me Pineapple whip. The true test of love.
Awesome... or not depending on how you look at it: Looking like Mega mind thanks to the lighting in a picture my mom took. Do you see it?

No? Ok... how about now?!

Ok good. I was beginning to worry about you.

Awesome: I saw Ryan, and the Ocean (for the first time) and we had sushi! It was great! However, I'm not sure I can ever look at seaweed the same. Seeing it floating in miso soup kinda creeps me out now. bummer.

Cutie Patootie.
Awesome: We matched. You can't really tell, but there's a mustard yellow and teal pattern on his shirt. yea, we're still in sync. haha
Awkward: Being on the beach, seeing an Asian guy take pictures of his woman, watch them shamelessly, only to have him turn, catch us watching him, and have him start taking pictures of us! ok buddy, we'll leave you alone, I get the picture. (haha get it? get the picture? pa da chaaaa)
SOOO not Awesome: Security throwing away my $20 bottle of Tanning lotion. It made it to California, just not back. Boo you CA airport.

And that's pretty much it. Also, I have a request to all 22 of my clever followers. This whole "Awesome and Awkward" idea is most definitely not my own, but I just love it, it has a ring to it, the alliteration, and the perfect descriptive words to describe everyday situations (they are all either awesome.. or awkward aren't they?) Anyways, I'm starting to feel kinda like a copy cat, and nobody like a copycat, and I'm stumped. Do you have any ideas for what words I can use instead of awesome and awkward?! Weeee neeeeed yooouuuuurrr heeeeelllllp :} (galaxy quest quote anyone?)

So yes, please please please give me some of your brilliant ideas so I can copy you instead!


  1. I have to admit... this is some of your best work... especially Mr. Ling Ling. Way to go sis!

  2. Love the megamind picture. AND we had the similar experience with a "same sex" couple in line at Disneyland-only they were making out. Awkward!

  3. Where's the little boy giving us the dirtiest look ever for taking his elephant on the dunbo ride? ooh.. also showing his mother how much he will pound us to the ground, why did you have to stick your tough out at him in the first place? ~natalie

  4. This much funny shouldn't be allowed in one post. I laughed out loud multiple times at my computer by myself and the people on my study abroad DEFINITELY don't think that's cool.

    Love the white shorts.

    Also I'm all for being a copy-cat!


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