Thursday, September 29, 2011

Blessings and Blunders.

Like that title? Remember when I needed something to replace my ever-so-unoriginal Awkward and Awesome's? Well... most of you kinda failed me. BUT! Someone who didn't and most likely never will was my momma. She was one of like... 2 who offered suggestions. "Blessings and Blunders" had a ring to it, so I'm gonna take it for a spin.
To sum up my day:

-I saved a baby off of a galloping stallion... or tripped going upstairs... or backhanded a cinder block (a few times). Choose whichever description sounds the best to you, and that's how we'll explain my unsightly hand.
- I realized I may be certifiably insane. Nobody likes epiphanies like that.
-Being actually blocked by the girl Ryan's been going on dates with recently. Listen, you requested me to be your friend, remember? I'll admit it was a first time for me. Everyone loves being treated like a crazy-stalker-harassment-axe-murderer. I'm thinking about being one for Halloween actually.
- Coming to the conclusion that I must be the crazy ex-fiance that they base horror films off of. Awesome. There's a self-esteem booster.
-SO. MUCH. HOMEWORK. Nuff said.
-Having to cut my nails really short for my ceramics class. Sorry boys, no more back scratches. It's a sad day.
- Getting burned in the tanning booth. lame. Would you like sun kissed, half Indian, or fried to a crisp?
... I'll go with fried to a crisp please.

- Only having one class. Tuesdays and Thursdays are nice to me.
- Having Ryan in that class. Even though we technically are not "together" anymore, he continues to always be the more of the man that I fell in love with everyday. He's my Angel (and was more so today than usual), and proves so way more often than I deserve.
- About a week ago I posted on Facebook that I was craving Puppy Chow and that whoever could bring me some would get a big fat kiss. To no surprise.... no one came. Weird right? Sounds like an offer I wouldn't be able to refuse. People have strange priorities... anyway. My momma sent me a nice big bag! Is that a hint of cinnamon my delicate palette tastes?... hmmm Thanks Momma! I needed those.

- Missing my home teachers because I was in class (actually a blunder), BUT, they came back and taught me one on one. THOSE are men, friends.
- Eating the whoooole container of yogurt for breakfast. I usually only eat half of one, but today I was feeling especially hungry (or fatty) and decided I was gonna down the whole cup! It was peach, who could resist? Good thing it was low fat :)
- Dollar stores. I like em. A lot.

And that's pretty much it. Tomorrow I go to Wyoming with my amazing friend Shelley! Special thanks to her hubby William for forfeiting her to me for the weekend :) So stoked for an escape!
Later Gators.

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