Wednesday, September 21, 2011

It's a sick, cruel world.

Why you ask? Here's why.
I'm in college. Poor. Trying to gain higher education so I won't always be poor. 
I want to contribute to society. Make the world a better place, ya know?
I live in an apartment.
I bought a parking pass for $20.
I get stuck with a parking pass for the parking lot next door because my parking lot is full.

"Ladies, buy parking passes, the tow truck comes often to make sure people don't steal your spots. Space is limited, we have a great location. We're doing this for you."
They started towing yesterday. At the crack of dawn. before the freaking birds were even awake. 

Hey, here's a poor college student who forgot to put her parking pass on this morning. SUCKER! 

Right.  Why would they think that maybe I lived here, I only have 5 previous parking passes for this apartment complex, why on earth would I buy another one?! 
Please, boot my car. Make me late for an interview. Make. My. Day.
People are sick I tell you. What jerks. 

So I call.

Poo head (aka tow man):"Do you have a parking pass?"
Me: "Yes, it's one my bumper."
Poo head: "Well it wasn't this morning, that'll be $50." 

So much for booting cars just to make sure we have our spots we paid for. Turns out they don't give a twinkie whether you belong there or not. 
Ya know what Mr. Cranky-I-probably-still-live-in-my-mom's-basement-pants, I'd really love to eat oatmeal for the next 3 weeks, please take my money. Would you also like the $20 I paid for my parking pass? (yea, that one you don't care about that is supposed to save me from creeps like you). Or better yet, have my firstborn child. Really, it's no biggy. 

Who grows up and wants to be the dud who puts boots on poor college students cars anyway? It's sick I tell you!!!!

Ya know what the worst part is? They have the system rigged. While I waited, boiling mad, I thought many of choice words to lay on said Poo-head cranky man, only to find that instead of the meanie I expected:
(this being similar to who I imagined)

I found myself face to face with a nice college student similar to this:
OK..... You caught me. He didn't look exactly like this... This may or may not be the guy playing "Gale" in the next box office hit The Hunger Games. Trust me, if this was the guy that got out of that slimy car, I woulda given him a lot more than $50 bucks... like my hand in marriage ;)

Still... They send a nice college guy to do their dirty work, so you don't even feel right about getting mad at him! Stupid.

 And that's that. Watch out people, their driving through your lots, and locking your cars up. Hide yo keys, hide yo wife ....cuz their charging errbody out there.


  1. I laughed. But only cuz the writing was clever. HA! Sorry about your sad fate.

  2. OH honey. I think life has got it out for you.


Oh hey! You're awesome.