Monday, September 12, 2011


You. You reading this blog. Our first order of business: I keep hearing people like my blog. HOW SWEET! I'm so flattered people actually read this, and no less like it! Thanks friends! I really appreciate it, and now that I know people other than my mom read this, I'm going to make an effort to blog a little more often. I'm gonna take my blog-while-in-school average from once a semester to a whopping once a month! (hold the applause) Now, I have a little favor. Call me a little silly, but I feel special when I see I have more followers (it warms my soul). Anyhow, I KNOW MORE PEOPLE READ THIS THAN ARE OWNING UP TO IT!!! So I'll crack you a deal. For every new follower I get (official follower people)
I will go out, 
buy that follower an ice cream cone, 
and eat it for them :) 
It would melt otherwise, I'm just thinking of you here, you can thank me later. Anyways for those of you reading this, who are not "following" my blog, but are reading it right now (you know who you are!) click that little follow button at the top of the screen. We can be friends. Even if I don't know you. Or don't like you (yes, that means you Bieber) Do it anyways. It show's guts. haha So right now I have 20 followers. Let's see if that changes. Thanks kids :)

Moving on, I made some earrings. And for $2,000 I can make you some too! (jk... I'll make you some for a nice bag of Mrs. Rhodes Cinnamon rolls, cash also accepted :) anyways, if and when I EVER start an Etsy account, these babies will be the stars. AND they are real freshwater pearls. Are you impressed yet? Ok just checking.
And here is my loverly little sista modeling my lovelies :)
Oooooh yeeeeaaaa.
Alright that's all. I started school today and so I've got things to do. You know the drill. 
Later Gators!


  1. cute idea! haha i know people read my blog but i have a whopping 11 followers ha, so you're much better off than me. miss & love you, lady!

  2. I will follow you Val! You are the freakin best!!!


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