Monday, October 31, 2011

Color me happy.

Halloween weekend is pretty much the biggest party weekend on any college campus. It's a time where you can be whoever you want, and for most people, that means a less modest person than they are (aka Slut-tay). Anywho, We had to do sooomething, after all, the options appeared endless, so to D.I. we went, without a clue of what we'd come out with. 
Breanne found a red jumpsuit that we couldn't resist and from there we brainstormed. What to be? I heard some girls walk behind me looking for overalls. They were going to be construction people. "Sexy" construction people. Someone else was looking for nerdy gettup. "Sexy" Nerd gettup. We began running out of ideas, but whatever we decided to be, apparently it had to be sexy.

We refuse. As much as I loooove to fit in, this was just too much. And alas, we reached a conclusion.

Can you say "sexy can I"?
That's right. We became crayons. But not just any crayons: Sexy crayons. Can't you tell? I don't know if it was the make-up, or the figure flattering clothes, but we were down right irresistible.
Ya know.... we just aim to please the people.
And this... This one's for America!
Needless to say, it was going dooooown. 
So we went to a dance party, those are fun right? 

Costume: $10, Ticket to get in: $5, compromising your morals: priceless?

Seriously, it was a blast for the first little bit, but after seeing enough grinding, skin, and the lack of garments where I'm sure some should have been worn, we were out. Which is fine, the cops came a shut the place a few minutes after. Gay. 
On a brighter note, for every 20 sick-nasty costumes we saw, there was an awesome one. My personal favorite: the pac men.
AND we found a fellow crayon. Rock on girl, rock on.
I ran into an old friend from high school who surely isn't old enough to be in college! He basically made my night.
Then we went to Horkley's, the gas station who in undergoing a recent name change to become "Great Scotts". 
If you take a picture there and post it on their facebook page, you get your picture on the wall. Life goal right there. Done.

And that is how we roll.

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