Monday, October 31, 2011


 Today I'll admit I was a little off... I don't know if it's because I got 4 hours of sleep, ate nothing that's first ingredient wasn't sugar or  high fructose corn syrup, or forgot my happy dose, but yes, I was kinda wiped.
Lemme tell you about halloween.
Some things that made me smile:
-Seeing a female professor from the back and thinking "dang, sister doesn't know how to use a hair brush.. " Seriously, she looked like she stuck her hand in an electrical socket... then I saw her from the front and realized she was dressed up as professor Trelany from HP. Ohhhh.... right. I guess you're less of a freak than I thought...
-I made treats for extra credit in a class. Though I was up til the weeee hours of the morning, they were dang easy, and flippin good. Thanks Nabisco for your contribution to my grade.
(Double stuffed oreos dipped in white chocolate almond bark, a green apple sour candy ring, junior mints. YUUUUM!)
Look Mom, they are eyeballs! I'm so prepared for those elementary school Halloween parties I'm bound to be suckered into someday.
- Someone knocked at our door. We yelled "Come iiiiin!" no one came... "come iiiiiin!" ..... nothing... "COME IN!" ...Nothing. We open the door to find ourselves face to face with... a door. ... what the?! There was a sign that said "knock for candy". uh... okay. Knock knock knock. Our home teacher swings it open, in a ninja costume, and offers candy. Now that's what I call trick or treating.
-I found this picture I took my junior year of high school. It still makes me laugh a little...
That's high quality education right there. (it's supposed to say "no food, drink, backpacks, beepers, or phones. Parents with infants please use quiet room")

And there she is in a nut shell. A pretty uneventful Halloween, but in some cases, I guess that's good. 
Til next year!

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