Thursday, October 6, 2011


Today it snowed. Check the date. You aren't crazy. Check it again. Yep... It's October 6th. Fall is my favorite season, I wish I lived in a place that had fall. 
I didn't even get to use my fall clothes. Seriously, last week was summer clothes weather, and today, who cares what you are wearing, a peacoat it is.
Here they are plowing the streets so I could get to class:
Just kidding :) It was more like this:

But still... October?
Now. In case you were unaware, snow means a few things.

1. It's really only good for one thing. Cuddling. So if you don't have a sweet boy and some hot cocoa, you're SOL. (Single out of luck) Last winter was the first one I ever enjoyed. 
2. Don't bother doing your hair, we're gonna be rocking the wet dog look for the next few months.
3. That's awesome that you lost 15 lbs this year... too bad no one will notice. Nice parka.
4. Red Lipstick. Do you really need an explanation? Let me direct you to someone who know's how it's done. Something about winter... and everyday just makes it okay.

5. Music is different when it starts snowing. Some start ritualistically chanting Christmas music from the frigid rooftops. I, on the otherhand, prefer to think of myself as a little more hippy. Snow necessitates the following playlist:
1. I can't make you love me (The Bon Iver cover) Or basically any Bon Iver song. Seriously.
2. Missing parts by Jeff Pianki (I feel like he's one of the mementos I got from the divorce.)
3. Boats and Birds, The Scene Aesthetic (Her voice is so soft. I love it.)
4. Somebody Loved, The Weepies.
5. Landslide (the original or The Dixie Chicks version).
6. Jesus Christ, Brand New.
7. Act III, Band of Annuals. I will ALWAYS have UNDYING love for Ryan for introducing me to this song. I don't know what it is about it. The harmonica? I just love it.
8. Big Fish or Jenny's Theme, Danny Elfman (just a little instrumentals for ya)
There's no pattern, rhyme or reason to these songs. When it snows, I just feel it. And when it snows... you will too :)
6. It's time to whip out the footie pajamas! One of the greatest Christmas gifts of all time (thanks grandma). I was VERY excited... til I broke the zipper. 
7. I believe the dating ratio is going to dramatically decrease. Sun=love. Winter=....not as much love. It's simple math people.

I feel like the snow would actually be pretty if I had a cute mustard yellow umbrella, or a figure flattering water resistant coat. I should invest in such things so as to improve this relationship I have with the winter.

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