Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Snuggle me.

Sometimes when you are sad, you just wanna be home in your own bed, with your own momma making dinner downstairs, and your own pillows to snuggle. Obviously, I can't really just go home whenever I want, so I don't really have that luxury, buuut I have a little visitor whom I haven't seen in a while.
Ladies and gentlemen, this is Big Bunny. (Original name right? That, my friends, is the work of a 4 year old genius.)

I won't lie, she's a little different than I remember. I believe she's lost weight, must be that low fat lint diet mom put her on, because I swear she was SO much bigger last time I saw her. Also, I notice she's had a haircut. I do recall giving her a gorgeous haircut when I was 6, but I also recall only trimming so skillfully one side of her face... apparently mom didn't think I did a very good job and decided to trim the other side. Some people have no appreciation for good looks these days. 
Big Bunny and I have been through a lot together. Potty training, endless Rugrats episodes, she was my female companion before I got a sister (be careful what you pray for...) and she snuggled me on countless road trips.
This past week, I needed some snuggling, and Big Bunny was on the next truck out here. 
Accompaning her was some brightly colored hot chocolates (now I'm actually looking forward to snow!), some halloween yummies, aaaaand my favorite home-made brownies! Oh, they are so delectable with the chocolate chips, warm gooey caramel, charred smokey flavor.... 
Yes, you heard right. CHARRED. SMOKE. FLAVOR. 
They reminded me of the summer of 1941, upon my arrival in Auschwitz... 
( :O Sorry. Sooo Inappropriate.)

Anyways, apparently the oven caught on fire. 

I guess mom was so excited about those treats, she sent them to me anyway. The whole batch in fact, despite the crematorium flavor. 

Mom... I'm telling you this because I care, but your baking skills...they've really let themselves go. 

Juuuuust kidding. You can redeem yourself with another batch of brownies, minus the fire :)

Speaking of fire, I was going to give the lesson in Relief Society (The class for the women of my church 18+ ) on Sunday. It was on family history (riveting stuff), however, not 15 seconds into the 3rd hour, there was an electrical fire in our building, the fire alarm went off, and all evacuated.

We got sent home for good behavior. haha Somehow I keep dodging the bullet on this teaching business... sad day.

One more funny little something:
My mom sent me a picture today with the subtitle "Why does this make me think of you?"
 Here's the funny part: I responded also with a picture I took last Thursday in the Library.
Here's the picture:
Great minds think alike. I am so predictable. And awesome.

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