Sunday, October 16, 2011

Today's a day to fall in love.

I love the fall weather, and I'm not just saying that because I'm sure mother nature can hear me and I want to be on her good side; it's the truth. I wish fall could last a little longer than 3 weeks. I woke up today, went outside and just felt good. Really good. I just kept thinking to myself, "Today is the kind of day to fall in love", whether that be in love with life, or someone else, it's all the same. It's been a while since I've felt that refreshed, and it was incredible. I wonder if that's how meth junkies feel after a relapse. ... maybe not. But if so, I totally get it.

Rexburg really is lovely sometimes, I love that the primary bugs I happen to see everywhere are ladybugs. As if girls weren't already outnumbered on this campus... 
I really wanted to go on a picnic today.  You know, the ones with bubbles, soda pops in the glass bottle,  and dinosaur shaped sandwiches. It was beautiful. I need to make friends to go on picnics with me.

Anyways, I usually feel pretty good in the morning (ya know, because you haven't eaten for 8 hours and your tummy is pleasantly flat), and so I decided to go to the gym. Something about working out puts you on a health kick... at least for a few hours. So I ate a yummy pear (compliments of my brother, because fruit is too expensive for me to want to buy), and it was therapeutic to say the least.

Then I went to the ceramics studio to throw a vase. Fail. I think I could provide the whole country of Uganda with beautiful mud huts with all the dang clay I messed up on that wheel. Sure, it's cheap, but not cheap enough at this rate. Though I can't make a pot to save my life, mark my words, I can hand build like no other. 

Anywho... I looked pretty hott today Ryan  Mom, but you missed it. Tough nubs, that doesn't happen too often. haha

And remember those burnt brownies my mom sent me? My brother went home this weekend. Mom made him brownies. SO un-charred. ... SO unfair. 
Mom, if you are reading this: I don't even need to use words for you to know my feelings on the matter... oh... you know.

Alright people, It's probably fall where you are too. Grab a pear and enjoy this pretty orange-red world. It's really something

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  1. Um HHEELLLLOO! Harlee loves bubbles and Dino shaped sandwiches (I think) and I am a fat hungry pregnant lady that loves all activities involving food. We are your picnicking friends!


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