Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Bars. ha. ha. ha

Guess who backed into a bar with their car T-minus one hour ago?

This girl.

Has Taco Time always had a sign there? 
Those evil little sombrero sprites specifically placed it there to jar me.
Touche, paco. Touche.

Did you know "burrito" means little donkey in spanish. 
hahaha "I'd like a little donkey to go por favor. Hold the hot sauce."

Pretty sure I knocked my brain of it's orbit and it's now floating aimlessly inside my noggin because, it really didn't phase me at all. In fact, it's kinda humorous. Maybe it won't be as funny in the morning when I see the damage.
Anywho, I just got super tired, and my head is feeling trippy, soooo I'm gonna go pass out. If I don't wake up in the morning, here's the drill:

Baboon (Bryan): You can have my less than mint condition car. Babies got back.
Michael: You are the only one who knows my FB password, change my status to "Chillin with Jesus." :)
Coco: You can have my clothes. You cannot have my Dairy Queen sweatshirt, I'm taking that with me, it wouldn't be heaven without that sucka!
Stephonovich: You can have my macbook. I'll give Steve Jobs a fist pump for ya.
Jeff: Hi :)
Momma: Make sure they put this on my headstone: "Valerie Braun, April 15, 1991-November 22, 2011 "She lived, She laughed, She looooooved Mrs. Rhodes Cinnamon Rolls."
Daddy: Your wallet is about to get a whooole lot heavier. You're welcome. (Sue those burrito B*******!) jkjk (That's burrito Beauties, what were you thinking?!)

K Later homies, It was real.

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  1. OH my goodness Val pal...I've gotta stop reading your blog posts at work cause I just start having these embarrassing laughing fits all by myself in my office. Please write a book--I promise it'll sell millions. You're just too hilarious to keep to myself and those lucky ones who know ya. You'd change the world. :D


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