Thursday, November 3, 2011

Not much to report, so here's a craft!

I don't have anything particularly weighing on my mind, besides the usual, so today I'm gonna share a long overdo craft! It's easy peezy lemon squeezie, and I just thought it turned out dreamy. (I'm such a poet, catch that?) Now, this isn't the most original thing in the world, or by any means the hardest, so enjoy!

I call it the Lacie Days Lamp shade. 
Here's the scoop: The lamp: $2 thrifted. I love me some thrifting!  The lace: $2 on sale at a fabric store. Super glue: $1 (dollar store= beautiful thing) Total=$5 

I would have made a tutorial, but who needs to?! You glue lace onto a lamp shade!!!! So pretty and so easy; two of my favorite things :) 

Speaking of pretty, I'm a little Heidi hungry so this weekend I'm gonna trek to the ends of the earth (aka provo) to see this little lady. 

What an angel.
I told my brother and sister-in-law that they make great babies and should try making more. I have great advice right? I don't know if they truly appreciate my genius. ah well. All in due time :)
Anywho, if you need me, that's where I will be :)

Please hold the snow. 
Love, Valpal

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