Tuesday, December 6, 2011

According to my calculations...

I'm predicting a storm in the very near future. In preparation for said event make sure to have/do the following:

[  ] Stock up on Chocolate. That's one part of food storage you're gonna get real good use out of.
[x] Make sure you pack a fresh pair of lacie panties. Something about having those just makes things better.
[x] Don't forget Big Bunny.
[  ] Finish all of your homework, sleep may start consuming a lot of your time... if you're lucky :)
[x] Have your scriptures, patriarchal blessing, and favorite talks on hand.
[  ] Go home. (t-minus 2 1/2 weeks.)
[x] Remember your routine. (ya know, bathroom floor, country playlist, call momma...) It's worked this long. Don't get a new haircut like last year. Lesson learned.
[  ] Now would be a great time to get a net flicks account.
[  ] Straws. Mom may the the only one that knows what that means.

Hurricane Hercules is predicted to hit Eastern Idaho sometime between Dec 7-Dec 17th with temperatures ranging from -10-20 degrees F and wind speeds unknown. For best chance of survival, stay indoors as much as possible, only drive when necessary. Duration of storm unknown at this time. Stay tuned for further updates.

Bring. It. On.

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