Tuesday, December 13, 2011

It's going down.

I gathered my materials, and bought possibly THE noisiest and messiest bagel I've ever eaten, (next time skip the toasting, apologies to the studious girl next to me...) I've found my spot, set up camp, and planted my caboose. Third floor of the BYU-I Center, unidentifiable corner, this final essay is going down. I am going to focus and will not move until this 15 pg paper is purged from my brain onto this laptop. (After I finish this blog of course:)

If anyone wants to bring me a Dr. Pepper and a Milky Way, you'll know where to find me.
If I don't come home tonight, don't come looking. I'm a woman on a mission.

I'm feeling a little bit like Emperor Cuzco in this scene:

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  1. dude. i love that you put a clip from emperor's new groove on here. seriously thats going to be my mantra for next semester.


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