Friday, December 9, 2011

Studying efficiency is about to go through the ROOF baby!

Look at me. I am wearing my I-AM-SO-HAPPY-I-COULD-JUST-DIE-RIGHT-NOW face!!!
Why you ask? 
Fasten your seat belt, and grab some depends because what I'm about to tell you may just knock you off your seat and cause slight bladder weakness due to excitement and mind blowing gratitude! (Seriously, I just about wet myself.)

Some people looove studying. They yearn for the thrill of picking through page after page of glorious knowledge in the library, seeking the hunt of juicy new information, and live for the sake of pouring over doctrines and expanding their understanding of character improving principles and regimes.

I'm not one of those people...
Don't get me wrong; I love learning. It's awesome! My problem is with the time consumption studying takes. Surely there is a more efficient way of using me time than slowing searching through page after page, skimming the words with my 10th grade reading level skills, frustrated with how much time it takes to answer one blasted question! Time is money!!! There is so much to do in a day, I almost feel guilty when I read for too long! And since my all knowing magic 8 ball beefed out on me, page picking is what my days have resorted to.


Mom, you've taught me so much, and have always had the answers, but if you've known about this tool and never clued me in, you are in serious trouble missy.

Ladies and gentlemen, I give yoooooou...
The LDS scripture citation index!

It's basically the coolest thing. Oh hey, I'm reading about faith in the scriptures, and I wanna see what modern day prophets have to say regarding a certain verse. I look it up in the index, bada bing, BADA BOOM! Direct quotes baby.
I'm a changed woman.

What else is the world holding out on me?!?!
Search on my young padawans, capture great gems of knowledge, you will. (You better have used a yoda voice when you read that...)

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