Saturday, December 3, 2011

Food for Thought.

Tonight is pretty uneventful. It went from a whole lot goin on to a whole lot of nothin. That's not always bad, but it's sure left me alone to some thoughts...
and here they are:
1. I want a sparkly shirt. Or dress. and Shoes. Not just any shoes, but pumps. You know why? Because every girl needs a glamor dress and and some super bedazzled shoes. Because we all have those days. And on those days, I wanna have something sparkly to put on. Nothing boosts your self esteem like an accessory that says "look at me! I really am something." In my opinion, sparkling on the outside makes you sparkle on the inside as well! P.S. I'm a size 7.5-8 in heels ;)

Shoes: Mossimo Pumps (Target), Top: I wish I knew!

2. You know what I hate? When you get all dressed up and have no where to go. You know what I mean. That day when your hair is just perfect, you find the best outfit combination, and your make-up is looking reeeaaal good. It's that day when you'd LOVE to run into an ex, or wish you had a date... freak... a job interview even! Me? I went grocery shopping. No man to impress tonight.

3. I wish that once, just once, maybe I could be a reason for someone to stay. Ok, not just someone; a guy. I'm not saying that in a depressing way, just in a matter of fact way. Maybe it's only in movies that the leading man realizes no destination, job, or circumstance can replace his need for the leading lady. She rushes to the airport to try to convince him to stay, but there's no persuasion necessary! For he already made up his mind. She watches as the plane takes off, as, unknown to her, he's not on the plane at all, but rather right behind her! Yea, that really is only for movies... I'd never waste all that money on a flight I didn't intend to get on. But you get what I mean. Is it just me, or does it seems like girls are more likely to sacrifice in that sense for relationships? What I mean is, I see my friends moving, and transferring, and changing jobs all the time in order to be nearer to their guy, but I rarely see the guys taking that risk. Maybe girls are just too much of hopeless romantics... or just really stupid. I get that lives really shouldn't be put on hold for a relationship. That's probably not healthy. But in my experience with relationships, it seems like there's always something, work, off-tracks, jail, that causes some complications. I don't know... It'd just be interesting to be that person that cannot be replaced by any other offer. Think about it...
(Ok, so I've never had a boyfriend go to jail... I mean... while I was dating him that is ;) Just checking to see if you're paying attention! haha)

4. You are never too old to play dress up. Sometimes, the big girl panties need to come off, and the onsie's need to come on.

5. I have no control. Over anything really. That's fine. I'm trying to be ok with that. The key I've figured out is to not get emotionally involved in things, because emotions make you do and say some crazy things! I think when you stop caring, life becomes a little more frivolous :)

6. In my experience in the work force, I've found the easiest jobs to attain are those in regards to special needs people. Isn't that kinda sad? I really think they will hire anyone. You'd think people should have some sort of qualifications... but really all they ask for is patience and a clean drug test. It's messed up. Appreciated... but not ideal.

7.  I'm really grateful for my religion. It's just hopeful, and full of goodness and truth. Are you bored and need a pick me up? Look up "mormon messages" on youtube. I'm not asking you to be baptized, I just really think there are universal messages we all need to hear :)I promise you won't regret it.
This is my personal favorite. And this one. This one is sad, but so hopeful. And don't forget this thought.

8. I have some really good parents. Just saying.

9. Pinterest. Ladies, you should know what I'm talking about. I got an e-mail from a stranger saying that she loves my pins, and my taste, and proceeded to ask me to help her pick out a gift for her sister. How cute is that?! I feel cool :)

10. Wouldn't it be cool if there was a  device wherein we went in and came out with a physical appearance that adequately represented out inner beauty? That would be SO interesting to see. You have to wonder how you'd really look. It'd sure make dating easier! haha fortunately, I have had pretty good luck finding an equal combination of both good personality and physical attractiveness in my experiences :)

That's all. Finals are upon us. Kiss your sleep, friends, and semester goodbye.

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  1. val, number three! oh my gosh, thats been something on my mind alot this semester. It's really something to think about, we as women sacrifice alot! it would so nice if guys did a little something similar for a change. but hey, like you said we can always be full of hope.

    You are great. i love this blog. i love you.


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