Wednesday, December 28, 2011

What to do with an old french book?

Here's the deal, I'm a Pinterest Junkie. Aren't we all a little bit of one ladies? 
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Part of what I love love love about Pinterest is all of the cute Do-It-Yourself ideas floating around. Half the time I re-pin those like a mad-woman and say, "I can make that", and then there it sits in cyberspace, untouched and unappreciated.
But not this time!

I saw some beautiful rustic envelopes made out of old book pages and simply couldn't resist. I found an old french play book that was just screaming to be put to good use! If I were a more well rounded person, I would actually know french and have read this play multiple times, but alas, I am not.
That book met the chopper.
With what little sewing skills I have, I ripped out the pages and sewed myself some delightful little envelopes!

 Though they take a little tender love and care, these babies were easy peasy lemon squeezy. In more or less steps, I:
1. Ripped out 3 pages
2. Folded one page hamburger style into a point (this being the envelope flap)
3. I sewed a pretty little border on said envelope flap.
4. Folded all the edges of the pages over (no one wants paper cuts!) and put those two pages together after sewing the envelope flap to the top of one of the pages.
Viola: envelopes.

So, it's probably easier than my less-than-helpful instructions make it out to be, but I've always been more of a look-at-it-and-try-to-figure-it-out-myself kind of girl.
I have no clue what to use them for, but I do think that they are just the most darling things I've ever laid my eyes on. 
I now have a whole new motivation for writing letters. Who needs a pen pal?!


  1. oh valerie these are SO cute! i'll be your pen pal for sure! :)

  2. Those are BEYOND beautiful! I adore the vintage book pages... they really have a ton of uses. My favorite is making paper flowers out of them :) P.S. loving your nails! xoxo

  3. oooh!! ME, ME, ME!! I'll be your pen pal, Val! You're looking at a girl going to Jerusalem detached from all my fam and friends for four months...slip me a letter in one of those snazzy envelopes and I'll be a happy camper. :] seriously, those are so sweet!

  4. P.S. I tried emailing you a link to my blog button but the email was returned saying your inbox was full...

  5. Ohhhh my this is great. I mean, anything with book pages is great. I just might try this :) thanks for sharing!

    Courtney Lane

  6. So glad you are all enjoying them, it is much appreciated!
    Natalie: What is your Jerusalem address, because you know I'll be aaaall over that!
    Abbey: I know, I'm having technical difficulties with my e-mail right now, but I think I've got it fixed, so try giving it another shot!


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