Saturday, January 14, 2012

Chocolate, mexican, and white.

Did you think I would be talking about races or boys from my title, or am I the only one who would draw that conclusion?

 I hate to disappoint, but I will, in fact, be talking about chocolate.
Mexican, and white to be exact.

I and my roommate Chrissy attended a little focus group on campus this last week. It's a meeting the business majors hold in order to gather data for the demands and anticipated success of a particular item they plan to market for the semester. The group I attended just so happened to be focusing on hot chocolate. Yummm. We discussed it all; garnishes, marshmallows, flavors from caramel to raspberry, presentation and creamers, it was mouthwatering. It's no surprise to guess that by the end of the hour we wanted liquid chocolate in our systems, and we wanted it NOW!

One member of the focus group, who clearly served his mission in mexico, raved about "chocolate abuelita". He described how it comes in a bar of chocolate that you melt down, and I began thinking to myself, this sounds familiar... when it dawned on me, I've seen this mysterious product before! My roommate Breanne left some on my shelf from last semester. 

I recall looking at it, thinking it looked good, reading the directions, and deciding that melting down a bar of seasoned chocolate was faaar too much work for my lazy american butt to put forth, when I could simply tear open a paper envelope and pour imitation chocolate powder in water for basically the same thing.  This initial issue, given our current circumstances, needed to be put on the back burner because nothing was coming between us and that craving being fulfilled!
From the meeting, we ran into the lobby where we saw my roommate Lindsay studying amongst other studious individuals. In excitement I called out "LINDSAY, LETS GO HOME, WE'RE GONNA MAKE CHOCOLATTE ABUELITA!"
There were definitely some guys there who spoke Spanish because, apparently some super-whitey gringo girl yelling she was going to make "chocolate grandmas" was humorous. haha It's sad how sick of a pleasure I get in butchering the pronunciation of other languages.

 (yes, backwards photobooth picture, look at the seductive look in that gramma's eyes... she knows what's up)
Long story short, We made it. 
It was kinda weird.
Good, but different.
and it didn't quite satisfy my craving, and so the hunt began. 

Backpedal. Upon my arrival to rexburg, I found a special surprise inside the trunk of my car. 5 lbs of popcorn to be more specific. It was a gift from the heavens... and my momma.

This is our (me and Lindsay's) family photo. We named it "Popcorn Child"

Slowly but surely we've been chipping away at that little guy, experimenting with seasonings and flavors, throwing popcorn parties, and what not. 

So, ravaging through my cupboard, what should I find in my ravenous search for chocolate?
White chocolate almond bark. 
I took it.

I melted it. 
Drizzled it. 
And pounded the whole bowl like a champ. 
Easy as pie. 
Now my friends, go out into the world, make white chocolate popcorn and enjoy!
You can thank me later :)


  1. Put sprinkles on it and it's even better!!

  2. This looks AMAZING!! I'm definitely going to try this tonight, nom!

    Also, would you be interested in a sponsor swap?? my url is

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