Saturday, January 28, 2012

Happy Day.

 Some things just amount an average day into a pretty good one. 
Today, it was:
-Holding puppies at the pound.
-Making muffins with my mentally handicapped client Anna. (She's a hoot.)
-A free razor in the mail, and a good one at that! I'm officially converted. More really is better when it comes to blades!

-A home cooked meal at Lindsay's Gramma's house. We're talking REAL meat, salad, rolls, jello-pretzel salad, and to-die-for funeral potatoes... I ate and ate and ate to hold me over for the next few weeks.
-Napping on gramma's floor. ( you have to nap after a meal like that...)
-Kitty footprints on my windsheild.

-Singing with the roommates on the drive home from Ririe. Girl's got talent.
Baaby, baaby, baaby, ooooooh! Thought you'd always be miiiine, miiiiine.
-A hot bath. Sometimes, you just need a good soak.
-Quiet nights with nothing to do. I LOVE those, and do not have enough of them!
- And an overall feeling of contentment. When you get that feeling, as often or uncommon as it is, you just have to say a prayer and give thanks for it.
Hope you all can find reason's your day was worth waking up for :)
Merry January to all, and to all a good night.

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