Sunday, January 22, 2012

In the spirit of Valentines Day

I am a woman of simple desires. I enjoy tasty breads and fine cheeses, hold my pinky in the air when drinking from a teacup, and love a calm evening with mustard yarn and knitting. One of my greatest ambitions, right up there with the ever-so-realistic publishing a book goal, and getting more than 100 followers on my blog, is to have something (ANYTHING!) pinned on pinterest :) 

My wise mother once said to me, "Val, have you ever noticed how far in advanced holiday related pins go viral? If you want to share good ideas, you must do so far in advance." 
hmm by Golly, I think she's onto something. Good work college degree, you've really done  well with that one!

So I'd like to share a simple little decoration I actually did for last Valentines Day.  Last year our apartment manager came and told us we were doing a window decorating competition, of course, I'm an art major and though I'm not confident in a lot of things, I'd like to believe I can carry my weight in a good ol' fashioned decorating contest. Naturally, I couldn't resist. (Most colleges have parties, and beer pong and what not... BYU-Idaho? Window decorating competition. SO hard core. haha)

I'm kinda obsessed with old fashioned, classy-wannabe things, so when I heard about this super duper event, one word came to mind. Silhouettes. A bunch of pink tissue paper, 3 hours and two black poster boards later, this simple little window accent was born! I loved the serene pink tinted glow our living room had in the weeks following.

I really wanted that coveted first place prize of donuts.. but apparently the window with all the tenants ring sizes on it and some beyonce lyrics was a little more impressive. Way to break the stereotype ladies of "Marriage house" (nickname for Carriage House) here at BYU-I-do. You represent us desperate house-wife, baby-breeding, wannabe's well :) haha

Now if you'll excuse me, I'm gonna go pin my own pictures to Pinterest. Maybe. (Shortly after I give myself high-fives, "like" all my status's on Facebook, and send myself a bouquet of flowers for being so dang cool. haha)

Oh by the way, there is one fun little idea I'm using for Valentines Day that unfortunately cannot be revealed until the day of. (Just in case my roommates read my blog. Yes, I mean you.) Be excited for it. I am :)

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