Monday, January 30, 2012

It's a working progress.

Today, after a long night, (not of sleep that is) I woke up at 6:30. Left for work at 7am. Drove a half hour to work with a fresh-off-the-mission awkward RM, worked at the elementary school, got slapped in the face by a new client twice, pinched like it was going outta style (ya know, like the poor kid that forgot to wear green on St. Patricks day), worked until 2:30, drove back to Rexburg to work by 3, I worked until 9pm, and I proceeded to get hit on, over the phone, by a 44 year old convict with testicular cancer.
Dang medical surveys....

Me: Has any healthcare provider informed you of symptoms of depression?
Romeo: Well yea, I've just got outta jail a week ago, all my family died while I was in there, but it's a lot better today since I get to listen to your voice, with a voice like that, I'll bet you gotta pretty face to match it...
 Me: uh (not for YOU to see!!!)... Next question, what is your age? 20-34, 34-44, 45-54...
Romeo: I'm 44, and if you don't mind me asking, how old are you?
Me: uhhhhhh.... 20.....
Romeo: mmm. Young and beautiful, I'll bet a gal like you has a boyfriend.
(Cue uber-awkward laugh)
Romeo: Girl, I can practically hear you blushin over tha phone!
Me: uhh... hahaha... Moving on, In the past have you had a history of cancer?
Romeo: Yep, I got testicular cancer, but don't worry, they're still functional ;)
Me: ...Ok. for geographical purposes, what is your race?
Romeo: I'm a African American, and a single one at that... wink wink...
Me: ha. ha. ha. ummm, can I verify I reached you at such n' such a number?
Romeo: yea girl, and if you don't mind me asking, what number can I reach you at?
Me: .... ok, well that concludes our survey, thanks for your time, have a good night!
Romeo: mhmm, It'd be better if I could see yo face. Stay sweet and beautiful (Cue creeper laugh)

Homeboy claimed to be homeless.... Thanks heavens he still hand a land line? haha
Additionally, I called a sweet old lady:

Me: Hi there, Is George available?
Grandma: Who? George? No, my husband's dead. He got shot in the back of the head in November of 2011.. I've been trying to remove his name from all these records...
Me: (Foot. In. Mouth.) I am SO sorry for your loss. God bless you.

I'll tell you what, you really learn how blessed you are when you work in certain fields.

Needless to say, I felt VERY uncomfortable after that phone call...

On a brighter note, I was one of the top interviewers for stats. Yay me. 
I'm going places :)
People, I know you hate phone-call surveys, but every once in a while, do them. It'll make someone's day a little easier.

After work, I come home and run into my ex (I hate calling him an Ex...) as he was leaving, and returning to his new woman interest's apartment. 
Is there a target over my heart today? For the love of all that is good. She lives on the floor below me.
Spent the night under my bed curled in a ball. 
Quite cozy actually. Try it sometime.
Tomorrow is a new day, but as for today, Monday: You've lived up to your stereotype of being kinda rotten.
If that random little girl hadn't have run up and given me a hug on the playground today, I may have called in a sick day tomorrow. Thanks little girl in Hannah Montana coat. You are an Angel. I was beginning to think those were starting to avoid me... haha

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