Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Love a man in uniform.

So here's the deal-io.
We live in Rexburg Idaho, more commonly and lovingly called "Iceburg" or "Sexburg", for two reasons:
1. It is frigid. This year has been typically warm, but generally the windchill will freeze your eyelashes together from the time you leave your apartment to the time you reach the crosswalk, and everyday feels like you are living the movie The Day After Tomorrow.

2. We have quite the birthrate in this little town, what, with all these lifelong virgins dropping to marriage like flies, with aspirations of becoming super-mormon-mommas and baby breeding machines, you can imagine the OBGYN office's and birthing rooms are rarely vacant. Hence: Sexburg was born.

The main point I'm getting to is; it's cold in Rexburg.
Our apartment has been a little cranky with us as of late. Since we moved in, the doorknob broke (resulting in it blowing open every 5 minutes), our cabinets have come off it's hinges, our cable cord failed to function, and, oh yea... OUR HEATING BROKE! 
Assume Eskimo attire in apartment 302! 
Now, we live in pretty decent apartments, this is not normal, but, we do have a wonderful maitenance man who comes at the drop of a hat. I call him Pedro. 
We put in the request for someone to thaw us out of the igloo we were living in, and waited... and waited... and waited. Finally, someone came! To my disappointment, he was white, old, and came when I was not home. Fortunately, my roommates documented the event while I was at work, via Facebook. 
Take a gander.

Here's the picture (a little bigger) of our man in shining armor!

(Hopefully you can read this, I know it's small, sorry! ZOOM LADIES ZOOM!)
I really do think I live with some of the funniest people. It makes life SO much more tolerable.
By the way, you like that picture posted to my "wall" at the bottom?
Let's take a closer looksy shall we?

That was the height difference between me and my roommate Sunday. Midgets get to park in paralyzed parking don't they?
... I could find a way to get used to this :)

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  1. WOW I live in Utah and I don't think I could take it being any colder!! Hilarious about the Sexburg name, hahaha, it doesn't surprise me actually!


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