Monday, January 9, 2012

Luck of the Draw

Sometimes getting new roommates can be a scary thing. If I've learned anything in my 3 years of college, it's that your roommates will make or break a semester. I've had some awesome roommates in the past who have become my best friends, and then I've had some... not as awesome roommates that made be wanna blow my brains out and eat them for breakfast. (There's a mental image for ya...)

It truly is luck of the draw, and if you do by chance get the roommate who screams in her sleep, laughs maniacally for no reason, keeps locks of your hair, and thinks your food is free game, well, you are stuck for three months and are about to learn a whoooole lotta patience.
Thankfully, I can tell you this much: this semester is gonna be BOMB. It helps that I'm technically not in school, just working, but all the same, I've won the lottery of roommates. Some I knew before and some I didn't, but I feel like we all just click. It's so fabulous, and always a relief to know you didn't end up with a roommate like Leighton Meester in The Roommate.
Creepy right?
My roommates look nothing like that. In fact, they are certifiable babes. Typically I love getting the homely roommates, don't get me wrong, they make us look better right? But rarely do I have much luck with that, there are just so many pretty girls at BYU-Idaho! Last semester, the apartment next door was chalked full of girls who looked like they'd walked right off of a magazine cover. NO. JOKE. It was ridiculous. We lovingly called them "the supermodels" and maturely avoided them like the plague. haha Well this semester, I think we're gonna give them a run for their money. 
Check it out:
Yea, it's too bad my roommate have such awesome personalities, otherwise I'd probably despise them for their God-given beauty.
I would also like to get on a soapbox for a moment, and point out the modesty oozing from those outfits. Yes ladies, proof that modest is hottest and you certainly don't need to show any cha cha's to get the men-folks attention.

Lets talk stats shall we? 
Take a bite out of this.
(from left to right)
Chrissy: Canadian, Single, 5'11"
Brooklyn: Canadian, Single, 5'9"
Katie:Californian, Single, 5'8"
Lindsay: Oregon(er?), Single, 5'10"
Me (Valerie): Washingtonian, Painfully Single, A measly 5'4"
Hailey: North Carolina, Single, 5'6"

Yea, did you catch those heights?! I am wearing my tallest heels in this photos, and still am not quite reaching them! I don't know what's in these girl's water that makes them so darn tall, but I want some!

Speaking of heels, remember my thoughts about sparkly heels and how every girl should have some?
Well the big jolly red fella heard my plea! I got me some Sparkly heels for Christmas and I am one happy camper! (and yes, I did fall in them the first time taking them out on the town, aka, to church. haha )
And that was that.

 (Pumps: gift (Payless), Skirt: Thrifted, Shirt: Borrowed from Linds, Jacket: Forever 21, Belt: Wet Seal, Face: my momma)

Yea. Check out those pumps. I'm pretty proud. You done good Santa. Watch out world.
Back to roommates. I win. Once I can stop freaking out about money, this will be a good semester.
And that's the way the cookie crumbled. Til next time!

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  1. What beautiful ladies!
    I literally JUST watched that movie and was grateful that my college roommate wasn't crazy like that! ha ha
    BTW, love those shoes!


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