Saturday, February 25, 2012

Calling all prayers! You are SOOO needed.

Life is hard.
It is really really hard.
We are all given different "crosses" to which we must bear, cope with, and battle on a daily basis. 
Sometimes they are all that consume our thoughts, and other times we thank our lucky stars that the ones we bear are not as difficult as others.

There are a lot of things that we as people experience in our purest pleas and lowest lows truly don't think we can handle. We put on a happy face and push through it, because frankly there is nothing else that can be done in regards to it, but that doesn't make it any more less exhausting and discouraging.
I am so blessed, this I know, but likewise I'll be the first to admit that everything going on in my life has not been gumdrops and candy kisses to deal with. Things are so hard, but if there is anything I know, anything that has been reaffirmed to me time and time again, it is that there is NO way I could cope with the loss of a loved one; especially a spouse. I simply could. not. do. it. I'm sure everyone says this, and those who have experienced it first hand thought the same thing, but seriously. I can think of no worse Hell to experience.

If you have a religion: Awesome. 
If you don't, to each his own. 
If you believe in God, any God, and even if you don't, I have a favor.

I really need you to pray for someone. 
It's someone I don't really know that well, but their current situation is hitting me really close to home, partially because they are experiencing my worst nightmare.

There is a woman who attends my church back home in Washington, who is very involved in the young women's organization, and her husband likewise was very involved with the youth and the young men. They are a couple of faith, and love. They have been married for a few years, and have tried and failed to start a family for a while, finally after a few miscarriages, they learned they were pregnant, and were thrilled. I received a call from my mother this week informing me that this sweet young husband committed suicide this week. I ache for this kind and gentle man who was probably overwhelmed with hopelessness. Overwhelmed with the pressure of completing his schooling soon, and the stresses of starting a family. He was a victim to depression, which though overlooked and sometimes underestimated is a serious and very difficult disease that I imagine is invisible, and difficult to comprehend to many who haven't experienced it's weight personally. In speaking to my mom, she said "He was such a good man, He simply couldn't have been in his right state of mind." and this I'm sure to be true. I ache for his position, and the burden of feeling this hopeless for however long he may have felt that led to this sad end. My heart is crushed on behalf of this sweet wife, daughter of God, and soon-to-be mother. I cannot even imagine the kind of torment she is experiencing right now; Her fear when she noticed he was gone. Both of her parents are likewise gone, and being the only active church member in her family, she is distanced from her sisters. This situation is beyond devastating. Having been trying to cope myself with losing the companionship of someone I love dearly, I cannot even begin to imagine the type of tormenting pain, fear, and loneliness she is experiencing. I want so badly to do something, to make everything okay, to win the lottery and set her up financially for life, to fix this emotional distress she is experiencing; it being something I wouldn't wish upon my worst enemy, but I am coming up short. 

So this is my plea: remember her in your prayers.

Her name is Lucy Sorensen.
The blogger world is vast, and diverse, full of so many faiths, people, backgrounds, and most importantly compassion.  There is a lot of good to be done.
I'm sure that though this woman's home is probably a place of much sadness this week, It is also a place of reverence where the spirit of love and compassion is close, and the veil between this life and her sweet husband on the other side, is thin.

Suicide is a very troubling issue due to the heartbreak that comes from every angle, and then combined with personal teachings and beliefs regarding the fate of the victim. So to those who have indirectly or directly been affected by suicide, I want to offer this quote as hopefully a source of comfort.

"Obviously, we do not know the full circumstances surrounding every suicide. Only the Lord knows all the details, and he it is who will judge our actions here on earth. When he does judge us, I feel he will take all things into consideration: our genetic and chemical makeup, our mental state, our intellectual capacity, the teachings we have received, the traditions of our fathers, our health, and so forth." -Elder Russel M. Ballard (Via: "Suicide: Some Things We Know, and Some We Do Not") 

Whether we share the same faith our not, there are some beliefs I feel to be universal amongst all followers of Christ. The talk I just quoted came as a comfort to me given this situation, I'd highly recommend reading it.

 Despite all of our complexities and differences, my thoughts are these: Christ atoned for our sins, and we have a very loving Heavenly Father who ultimately will be our judge. He is a just, and kind judge. This I know.
Please send your prayers North, it's greatly appreciated.

Love, Valpal

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  1. definitely val!! you are so awesome for doing this! i'm keeping her in my prayers.

  2. I will definitely be praying! I am so thankful that you shared this with us, I asked God last night to give me someone to pray for and you have answered that prayer. Is there any way that we (readers) cans reach out further to this young woman?- some way to further encourage her during this painful event in her life? Feel free to email me or comment on my blog

  3. ohhh my...i cannot imagine the heartache she is going through. i went through a serious couple years of depression, with suicidal thoughts mixed in there. it is a serious problem that many dont understand..but i always comtemplated how my family would ache had i done such a thing..and God is pulling me out little by little. my heart goes out to Lucy.. and please know I am praying for heart is filled with compassion and love for the hurting.. truly..

  4. This story broke my heart.
    She will definitely be in my prayers, thank you for sharing this.

    <3 Leney


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