Monday, February 27, 2012

Eat your cookies, or two, for half the guilt. I'm in.

So my roommate Brooklyn had a b-day this weekend and naturally some sort of wild college party was bound to go down on behalf of it! We dropped the big bucks on some hardcore cupcakes, baked away our Sunday and invited boys over to celebrate. Good ol' fashioned G-rated BYU-Idaho style :) 

In regards to such event, I'd like to share with you one of the easiest (and if I do say so, yummiest) cookie recipes ever. Serrrriously.
They are FAST: Baked for 8-10 min at 375 degrees F.
EASY: One cake mix (I like the chocolate fudgy ones) and one low or non-fat vanilla yogurt (I usually use Yoplait, but because I'm a cheap college student, pictured below are the knock-off store brands) and that. is. it. people.
They are CHEAP: Because obviously there's only 2 ingredients and they both cost less than a dolla.
And DELICIOUS: They get crisp on the outside and yummy, fudgy, chewy, gooeyness on the inside. Need I say more?
and they are HEALTHY(ish): ok, I wouldn't consider them totally healthy, but the yogurt is the healthy substitute for the oils and eggs that cake box cookies usually call for.

SO here you have it:

When it comes to the dough consistency, it can go one of two ways and varies with the type of cake mix used, but all are good. I prefer the stickier moist dough, which makes them much softer and chewier.

Feast your eyes (and your bellies), and follow my example by ALWAYS having a cake mix and yogurt on hand for those last minute -I-gotta-get-a-cookie-in-my-mouth-before-my-woman-stomach-eats-itself, or old-lady-at-church-fell-down-the-stairs-and-needs-a-hospital-visitor- scenario's that we all find ourselves in.

These are great. Once I even used white cake mix with food coloring, added marshmallow fondant eyes and made monster cookies for Halloween. They were a hit.

Nuff said.
Make them. 
Tell yourself they are so healthy you can eat twice as much. 
Love me forever.

You WON'T regret it.


  1. Ok how cute are those! I am really wanting to make these for my co workers kids now! Too precious! Oh and I am loving your music playlist! The civil wars are my new favorite. I am writing down your playlist so I can put them in my iTunes :)
    SO glad I found your sweet blog!

  2. So cute!!!! And they look absolutely delicious. My apartment is known for all of the delicious treats lying around.

  3. thank you for making up my mind! i will be making these tomorrow :)

  4. They're cute AND tasty? Perfection.

    Adorable blog!


  5. this is a great idea, i will be trying them!

  6. Ugh, this post just about made my head explode in sugar craving :P LOVING IT! And loving your blog :)


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