Thursday, February 9, 2012

Happy Anniversary

One year. It's a long time. It'd be even longer if we were still together. I remember this week, last year, tremendously vividly. It was a week of ups, downs, emotions were high, and eventually we came out on top. Maybe next year we can celebrate our anniversary together.

Regardless of the melancholy aura that came with this day this year, someone out there was very thoughtful. Surely they couldn't have know what day it was. Coincidence? I don't know, perhaps they were just in-tune to my needs, but to whoever you are, thank you. 
I was on yet another first date, going through the typical "What's your major, where are you from, what's your favorite cereal, are you as bored as me?", questions and it was nice, but it wasn't you. On our day. When I got home, this was waiting for me.
Can you say pleasant surprise?! 
 I keep being reminded that people are generally good, and caring, in their most natural sense. It's the weight of the world that eventually may turn them otherwise, however, even those who's goodness is temporarily fogged, or more difficult to see, it's there.
Thanks for the cookies.

 And this little note.

Mystery good-doer, were you aware that last quote is my favorite of all time? It's from this amazing video. Watch it. I watch it often, and it's always been a source of encouragement in times of need. You won't regret it.
I love it so much, sometimes I write the URL to this video on toilet paper in gas station restrooms. 
(It's the best kind of free advertising!)

Whoever dropped of that sweet gesture, thank you. You must be seriously in-tune, or psychic because these were conveniently here just in time for my routine evening melt down. Boy howdy how I needed it.
Happy Anniversary.


  1. I wish I was as sweet as your mystery do-gooder. Love you Val. Life is hard and love is hard but I guess that's what makes it worth it. Or so they tell me.

  2. What an amazing thing for someone to do!
    I do lose hope in humanity sometimes, but things like this always restore it and make me more aware of the good in people than the bad.
    Hope all is well :)

    Much love, Kelly.

  3. "My subject is not courtship and marriage; however, I do want to make one point in this regard. Unless the feeling of love and desire to be together forever is mutual between the boy and the girl, it probably is not of God. I have been a mission president. I have known the positive sureness and aggressiveness of outstanding young elders; and I would only caution you that you cannot receive a one-sided revelation from God in regards to an eternal marriage. Only as both parties feel the same way can you have the assurance that it is from the Lord. Those who try to force another’s free will into their supposed-revelation mold are doing a great disservice to themselves and to their friends. Until the feeling is mutual, the good envisioned in such a union will not come to pass. But on the other hand, when you feel it is right (and it may not come all at once), do not try to fight it. The Lord’s greatest institution and the means whereby he always has and always will bring to pass his greatest blessings is the family unit. Just make sure you are right—not forced but not withholding either—and God will bless you now and forever." -Elder Groberg


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