Saturday, February 4, 2012

"It will all work out."

On the days I stay busy, some things rarely cross my mind, but on other days some things are very clear.
I live a double life. 
Sitting in my cubicle making those painfully unimportant phone calls, I stared out the window at the refreshingly warm January weather, and just yearned for my other life. The other life where after work, I'd go home to a crappy one bedroom apartment, with our photo's and home made decor irregularly plastering the walls. He'd be sitting on the cheap used couch we splurged for on Craigslist, reading the Ensign, or some scholarly magazine.  He loves to learn. I'd attempt to make a new and interesting dinner with our usual potatoes and rice (that I'm sure we'd live on), while still trying to make it healthy so as to not undo the work we probably would have done earlier at the gym. He'd eat it, rave about it to make me feel better, and then we just wind down. With him strumming the guitar in the background, maybe I'd knit. Maybe I'd scrapbook... or blog about the upcoming Valentine's day... maybe I'd be pregnant. That's a thought that has never occurred to me... wow.  Pregnant.  Our evening would be totally uneventful, completely mediocre, and blissfully boring. I think that's what would have happened today. 
It's crazy to think no one will ever know. How one choice can leave you waking up to your roommate instead of your hubby (though I do love you Lindsay!), frivolously typing a blog in a pay-every-three-months apartment kitchen, scattered with dirty dishes and nail polish, rather than in your home, with your honey.
Today is a day that would be really nice to see into the future. ... Or to have a time machine to the past. I'm a girl of simple taste, is a time machine really too much to ask for?! haha 

On day's like today, when emotions are close to the surface, and physical exhaust from a long week sets in, I try to draw my mind to one thing:
(no... not the fridge... although that wouldn't be too far of a long shot! haha)

"It will all work out" 
-President Gordon B. Hinckley
Even though some days it's hard to believe, and other days you just wish it didn't involve so much "work", this is the mantra I have on repeat.

Try to believe it people. 
Fake it til you make it.
Say it like you mean it. 
Believe it till you achieve it.
 I know I will.

Hey friends, is there something going on in your life that you just pray will be ok? 
Come on now, we are all human.
 E-mail me your name and address. For the first 10 readers to ask, I'd be happy to splurge the 50 cents of postage and printing costs to send you that little yellow quote (and I'll probably to it for the 11th, and 12th, and 50th person as well.. because I'm a sucker like that.) 
Why? Because frankly, we all just need a reminder that it will all work out.
Have a blessing-filled weekend.

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