Thursday, February 16, 2012

Single-awareness Day.

I remember when I was younger, hearing people complain about how awful Valentine's Day was. Of course, it was always the single, bitter and lonely from which these comments, pathetic facebook posts, and complaints came from. I never really understood, I thought, "What's the big deal? Suck it up, or you'll always be single. No one likes a whiner."

It's true. I never understood.

This year I did.
 I empathize for all those people who have loved and lost, or never loved at all. Those people who yearn to be claimed and shown to the world that someone wants you, all of you, warts and everything, and that they are not afraid to show it on this special day of the year. Those who ache to be held by the arms their bodies have grown accustomed to. Those who starve for the privilege to spend that day with the same person they spent it with last year. Those with hearts so full of love, unable to express it due to circumstance of loss, misunderstanding or rejection.

It should have been me pasting hearts on your car.

Anywho, despite the obvious, it was an overall awful day on my end of the spectrum, I'm not gonna lie.
So pro's and cons, here we go!
Pro: Spending yet another Valentines Day in an elementary school (I FINALLY got a full time, steady client. He's a doll.) How can you not love those classroom parties?!
Con: Having absolutely NO plans for the rest of the day except to maybe light a few candles and soak in my sorrows. Pathetic is taking on a whole new level these days.

Pro: My Valentine this year was a 6-year-old autistic boy. I got a Nascar valentine with a heart shaped sucker. It made my day.
Con: Due to a very difficult previous day, and a whole lot of misunderstanding (that I obviously cannot really discuss due to fancy, real-world contracts and such), I spent the afternoon in a small room with a police officer explaining the play-by-play of events while substituting with a rather difficult client Monday. It was quite nerve-wracking. Though my head isn't necessarily on the chopping block, someone's is. With allegations flying, child services involved, and school districts on the defense, there is one thing I've learned for sure: there is no forgiveness for mistakes when children are involved.
Pro: This is the greatest Valentine I've ever seen. Are we agreed? I'm doing this from now on.
Cons: All the emotions that come with missing someone on Valentine's Day. 
Pros: My Little brother surprised me and came to visit this weekend! He brought with him some Valentine's from the fam, a rose from my sweet grandparents, and these de-licious cupcakes. Look closely.
Isn't that presh? My momma is just so clever.

Pros: The blogger world is awesome. We had a little Valentine exchange, and me and my girl Alana (over at The Life and Times of the Intelligent Blonde) got each other!!! I was stoked to say the least. She sent the cutest little pouch full of goodies anywhere from nail polish to breath mints (ya know, for those looong kisses I didn't get on V-day...) haha Thanks Alana! I LOVELOVELOVE IT ALL!

Cons: Falling asleep at 10. Preeetty wild night. not. 
Last Valentine's day, I sincerely thought I was spending it with the person I would always be spending it with. To those who have experienced such a thing as that realization that your future you've daydreamed about for so long is virtually non-existent anymore, you'll understand. To those of you who don't, sorry I'm a whiny girl. 
Pro: Getting to see and have a nice long talk with one of my best friends, the Miss Jeanelle Hollenbaugh. She's in love. Her and her Boo went to the restaurant my sweetie and I used to go to all the time. They dropped off Texas Roadhouse rolls at my apt. later. They are so thoughtful.
Funny: I joined all the procrastinators of the town in the card aisle on this glorious holiday. There were about 3 more guys there who walked off before my creeper-photo was captured. I just found this to be classic.

Remember when I said that I had a Valentine's related gem that I couldn't share until the day of?
 I made an assortment of different Valentines with my money-maker (aka my face) on the front
Valentines. This is Vanity at it's finest!
 (ignore the tremendously poor picture quality!)
 Yea, be jealous.
I sincerely hope your day was better than mine :)

Later Gators!


  1. Glad you had a good Singles Awareness Day & liked my gift : )

  2. HAHAHA your valentine made me laugh so hard!!


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