Saturday, March 31, 2012

Calling all students!

It's that time again. I've survived the grueling registration process, and now school leads me to the hunt: THE TEXTBOOK HUNT.
We've all done it. And frankly, we all hate it. First of all, surely it doesn't cost anyone more than $100 to print a book. And on top of that, it just seems downright mean to be forcing students (who have little to no money anyway!) to buy these textbooks that they may or may not ever use again! Sure, you can buy that $75 book back the the bookstore and get a whopping $5 in return, but is it worth it? I think not!
That is why I am all about textbook rentals baby!
There's a textbook rental place here in Rexburg that is actually owned by my brothers roommate (yea, he's loaded), and then the bookstore rents books too, but that's all first come first serve, surely there has to be a way to rent books without getting out of my pajamas!!!
Alas, there is :)
There's a few textbook rental sites out there but recently I've discovered

Just some of the perks are:
-save 40-90% off of bookstore prices
-free shipping both ways
-can highlight in the textbooks
-flexible renting periods
-They donate to Operation Smile with each textbook rented!

I looked up a book I've bought in the past for over $100, on this site, I could have rented it for 1/4 of the price! baaaaah!!!!'s-Art-through-the-Ages:/Fred-S.-Kleiner/9780495573609/
I am a SUCKER for a good deal.

Back to that operation smile bid-ness, I spend money on books, something I already need, and they donate a portion to operation smile? SU-WEET!

Every three minutes a child is born with a cleft — often unable to eat, speak, socialize or smile. In some places these children are shunned and rejected. And in too many cases, their parents can't afford to give them the surgeries they need to live a normal life.That's where they come in as an international charity providing much needed surgical services. Since 1982, Operation Smile — through the help of dedicated medical volunteers — has provided more than 2 million patient evaluations and over 200,000 free surgeries for children and young adults born with cleft lips, cleft palates and other facial deformities.

Yea, I guess that's kind of important! So I can rent my textbooks and part of my money goes to charity? I'm down!!!

Anywho, If you are in the same poor-college-student-ripped-off-by-bookstore boat as me, I got you covered. Now, lets conquer these new semesters shall we?!

Thursday, March 29, 2012

This is why my family is awesome.

 (if you get the humor in this, be not afraid to own up to it! Embrace the inner nerd!)

If anyone knows anything about pokemon, this is hilarious. If not... we may need to re-consider our friendship. I was raised on this stuff. haha I'm talking Pokemon bed comforters, Pokemon red, yellow, blue, gold, sapphire, etc for gameboy (addicting stuff, won't lie), pokemon cards, action figures, and N64 games. Heck, we even had Christmas tree ornaments! If I were my mother, I woulda been concerned for these boys social futures. 

Clearly there was nothing to worry about.... is there a girl in every one of my brothers profile pictures? Only one is married! Since when did girls stop having cooties, and my brothers start being able to talk to females without wetting themselves? Clearly times have changed... at least no matter how old they get, their relationship with Pokemon will never fade :)

(p.s., my neices name is Heidi, hence Heidi-chu was born. get it? get it? like Pikichu? hahaha oh man. That's good stuff.)

Now without further ado, Imma grab my pokeballs, and venture into the world.

Monday, March 26, 2012

Do I want to work? Or do I want to LIVE!?

Saturday morning I woke up, got ready for work at the survey-call center, went outside to get into my car and was overwhelmed with WARMTH. This is rare and prized anywhere between the months of October to May in the small city of Rexburg.

By the time I got to my car, a thought came to my mind. I could go sit in a cubicle and call people to take surveys for most of the day. Be a little richer? Yes. OR I could go on a picnic, soak up the sun, read a book, and take in the joy of spring. 

How often are we faced with such decisions and priorities?
I decided I wanted to live! So I called work, said I wouldn't be coming in today (cough cough) and promptly went to my sweeties house to demand his day, and go on a picnic. And that we did!

We snatched some coupons, grabbed some sandwiches and a blanket, a few good books, and trekked to the nearest park which was anything but uninhabited!
We soaked in the sun, inhaled some DE-LI-CIOUS chocolate chip cookies, and lived in the form of relaxing and enjoying each others company.

Boy, it was a STUNNING day. One of those days where you just forget everything except being grateful you are where you are, when you are there, and with who you are there with.

Then we got Icees. (which I LOOOOOVE!) We argued over whether they were called Icee's or Slurpees (Even though the machine CLEARLY said "Icee" on it!), and later I attended my best friends bridal shower, which was basically the cutest thing since teacup puppies and mini muffins.

Yes, her sister-in-law-to-be's kitchen was GREEN! Basically the funnest house ever!
This was in their kitchen! Need I say more?

 Clearly a necessity to every home I do believe.

And there's the bride-to-be, in the flesh. (Boy, I have great taste in lingerie. Future Mr. Jeanelle, no peeking!)

I worked out, ate sweets, and got things done. It was SUCH a good day. As for today, It's raining. (Big surprise for Rexburg's Bi-Polar weather.) But all the same, Spring: you can come around whenever you'd like.

Sunday, March 25, 2012

May the odds me ever in your favor

I bet you thought this was a hunger games post. Sorry to disappoint :)

Byu-Idaho, more commonly referred to as BYU-I-do, apparently has many more female students than male. This could be due to the fact that most men of our faith ages 19-21 are scattered across the globe learning languages, eating weird foods, wearing suits and testifying of Christ, but that's not the point.

 The point is, in every ward I've been in, the girl/guy ratio has averaged 3-1. That's 3 girls for every 1 guy! These boys have NO excuses as to why they are single. Due to this, you see many of the following results:
-A lot of single (and sometimes desperate) ladies.
-A oddly high amount of gorgeous girl/average guy couples
-And many very lucky guys!

This picture cracks me up.
Point and case:
Chrissy, Brooky, Jarebear, and Jordan: I love you guys.
 (haha P.S. This is not a photo to say Mormons practice polygamy or are unfaithful in relationships and so on, this is a JOKE :)

Welcome to BYU-Idaho :)

Monday, March 19, 2012

Indoor Star Gazing

You heard right. Indoor star gazing. With all the downtime I have at work, I find plenty of time to brainstorm new date ideas, and thus, indoor star gazing was born! 

Something about glow in the dark anything is just flat out magical, and because it is faaar to frigid outside at this time of year in Rexburg, we decided to improvise a little. 

I got an old white sheet, we broke and splattered glow sticks across it, pulled out a mattress, pinned the sheet to the ceiling, and stared at our man-made stars. 

 (Ryan being his smartie-self, and trying to make constellations.)

 (What a stud muffin.)

(Sorry, It was a little hard to capture the magic with a cell phone :P )

  (The aftermath of our glow stick massacre...)

I was a pretty happy camper. We thought about roasting smores over a candle but ended up grabbing dinner instead. There's always next time!

Now, for future references, if you ever try this at home:
Careful of glass. There's a little glass tube inside glow sticks, you don't want obliterate it otherwise you'll end up with little glass shards everywhere.
Also, You'll really see just how messy you were when you turn off the lights! Next time, I may just end up spraying the ceiling! I think it's a lot more vibrant, and it'll stop glowing in a day or two anyway right?! haha

The point is, I thought this was awesome. It was cheap, and made for a nice lazy Saturday night.
Fall in love people. Fall in love :)

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Think Green

Happy St. Patty's Day!
Saw this on Pinterest.
Couldn't resist. 

I can't wait to be a mom so I can do this stuff more often...

I sent this picture to my mom. Her response:
"Looks like a little boy Leprechaun. I hope he wasn't in your apartment after curfew... "

Oh mom. You are too funny :)

I also colored all my roommates milk green... I think they appreciated that. haha
Hope you all didn't get pinched or drunk like me! (juuuust kidding :)

I worked 6 hours, and was soooo painfully bored at work, that I turned the swedish fish discoverd in my purse, into roses.
 (I tell you what guys...I'm really gonna be somebody :)

 I'm sure my boss was very entertained to walk by my cubicle and see me rolling out swedish fish with a pen and with precise craftsmanship, assemble them into a floral arrangement. What was I thinking? Wouldn't I rather be yelled at on the phone by people who hate phone surveys? It's ok folks, I hate them too. But a girl's gotta eat.
(and yes, I ate that rose. Judge me, but I ran outta animal cookies by the second hour, and most definitely feared I would perish, if not by boredom, then by starvation.)

My man and I also had a little date, and it was grand. More info to come! For now, my under-used mattress is calling my name. Have a happy Sabbath!

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Healthy Banana Shake! You WILL thank me.

You heard right: healthy shake. It's really a smoothie, but it's so creamy, I have a  hard time calling it that. You see, my momma, she's sort of a genius. This past week I've been doing a "body cleanse" with my roommate Chrissy. It claimed you'd lose 10-17lbs in a week, which I know isn't realistic, but worth a shot right?! I found this diet on Pinterest and normally have a difficult time bringing my self to do these things for 2 reasons:
a. I'm a skeptic when it comes to diets because I've tried soooo many, and failed miserably.
b. I am a cupcake hoe. I have NO self control when it comes to sweets, and the greatest relationship I've ever had has been with carbs. 

Anywho, my momma always told me "You can do anything for 7 days." and 7 days happened to the the length of this "cleanse" so we decided to give it a shot.

Overall, I figured how hard could it be? Drink 10 glasses of water and Day 1: All fruits, Day 2: All veggies, Day 3: Both... It wasn't awful til day 4: Bananas, milk and soup. and so on... anyways,
 I HATE bananas and milk!!! I went 14 years without eating a banana,  and they repulse me.

Desperate, I did what any mature adult would do: I called my momma! 
Ya know what she said? ... "Make. A. Smoothie."

but mom... I still hate bananas! 

Sometimes you gotta do, what you gotta do, and I figure drinking it may be easier to choke down than chewing it. So I did. My roommate offered to let me use her Very Vanilla Silk, I threw in 2 bananas and some ice until it was the thickness I wanted, and BAM! Milkshake. 
And get this:
It was freaking yummy!!!  
and I hate bananas!

 (Sorry for poor quality photos, I could barely take my lips off that straw long enough to take them!!!)

 I tell you what, that soymilk works wonders! It seriously tasted like ... I don't even know... cake! SO GOOD! So there you are, if you want a rich, healthy, potassium packed shake, then 3/4 cup Very Vanilla Silk, 2 bananas and a bunch of ice is all you'll need :)

As for that "cleanse" I lost 3 lbs. Not too shabby. Won't lie though, I attacked the carbs and sweets like a cake addict fresh home from fat camp, and am pretty positive those pounds are back and then some... but hey, at least I got a yummy shake recipe outta the deal!

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Friday, March 2, 2012

What leaves your lips, sugar or poison?

You know, I'm sure people blog for many reasons. Some use blogging as a form of journal writing or record keeping (umm, guilty!) or some use their blog as a way to share their thoughts and beliefs. Blogging can be a source of income if you gain enough people who like what you do, say, and how you say it, and for others they just want to be heard, and to have what they say help or influence others.

To those who are unfamiliar with the BYU's, each week each campus has a "devotional" where for an hour nearly the whole campus puts on their Sunday best and gather in a conference center of some sort to listen to a talk prepared by a professor, church leader, or other esteemed individual. These talks are prepared with much prayer and pondering and are specifically chosen as something that the students most need to hear at this time. They range anywhere from faith, to Christ, and on an occasion (or ten), even marriage. They are always centered around Jesus Christ, and his teachings. A few weeks ago the devotional given was regarding words, and their effect on others. 

I've been pretty thrashed this week thanks to a kiss of death from Mr. Flu (and in my opinion, my 6 year old client who's definitely been sick and laid a nice big wet one on my lips last week...)
Yesterday I enjoyed a nice, looooong bath, which is quite the treat because as you can imagine, living with 6 girls rarely allows enough hot water for a full shower let alone to fill a bath tub! AND we all know you do your best thinking in the privacy of the bathroom right? So, I figured why not gain a little secular and non-secular knowledge while I'm soaking away my sorrows and this plague?

At this link you can listen to, view, or read past devotionals, and typically when I'm doing something else, they make great background noise to attract my thoughts to. 

I selected the devotional entitled "The influence, power, and possibility of words" and let the cranial and moral expanding begin. 
Some insightful thoughts that I really enjoyed from this talk were those such as these:

"Words have power to trigger emotions, stimulate thoughts, and stir us to action. They can elicit joy, soothe a troubled mind, bring relief to the suffering and engender gratitude. We may have blissfully chanted in elementary school, “Sticks and stones may break my bones but words will never hurt me.” But that is just not true. Words can have a devastating effect. Words said to or about someone can ruin a reputation, crush hopes, inflict pain or bring tears of despair. As Elder Jeffry R. Holland quoted in a recent General Conference, “The stroke of the whip maketh marks in the flesh: but the stroke of the tongue breaketh the bones” (“The Tongue of Angels,” Ensign, May 2007, 16).

Words, written or spoken, can linger with us for years, bringing back thoughts or feelings to cheer or discourage, to remind or to counsel."

 "Words come in many sizes. Some of the smallest can make the biggest difference. I’ll be eternally grateful that my wife’s response to my proposal of marriage was a three-letter word and not one of the two-letter variety! “If” is a small word with often major implications. “Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious” is a long word with relatively minor implications.

Job exclaimed, “How forcible are right words!” (Job 6:25) And in Proverbs we read, “A word fitly spoken is like apples of gold in pictures of silver” (Proverbs 25:11). Sometimes written or spoken words are not the “right words” nor are they “fitly spoken.” When words are misused, the results can be either comical or disastrous depending on the situation."

 "Such words can be a window opening on an ever-expanding view of life or a mirror in which we can see into the depths of our own souls. They can express noble thoughts and present vivid descriptions."

"I’m guessing we all have page after page of idle, and not so idle, words––perhaps spoken thoughtlessly or carelessly––that we would like erased before that day of judgment. Elder Holland taught:

 “It is with this realization of the power and sanctity of words that I wish to caution us, if caution is needed, regarding how we speak to each other and how we speak of ourselves.”

“Paul put it candidly, but very hopefully. He said to all of us: ‘Let no corrupt communication proceed out of your mouth, but [only] that which is good … [and] edifying, that it may minister grace unto the hearers.’

“Our words, like our deeds, should be filled with faith and hope and charity…With such words, spoken under the influence of the Spirit, tears can be dried, hearts can be healed, lives can be elevated, hope can return, confidence can prevail.

“Like all gifts ‘which cometh from above’ words are ‘sacred, and must be spoken with care, and by constraint of the Spirit’” (“The Tongue of Angels,” Ensign, May 2007)."

"Words wrapped in love can be unwrapped with hope and joy. Those wrapped in anger, impatience or ridicule, when opened, can inflict pain, humiliation, or spark a desire for retaliation. We would be wise to pause from time to time and weigh our words carefully, reflecting on the impact they may have on others. What is their effect when unwrapped in the mind and in the heart? Do they edify or build spiritually? Or do they tear down and destroy? Do they hurt? Or heal?"

"Besides the words we say or write there are other words we should consider for a moment; these are the words that should have been spoken or written; words we thought of saying, planned to say, perhaps were even prompted or inspired to say but that remained stillborn.

What happiness, encouragement, and comfort would have been added if we had made the effort? I’m afraid there are times when we think of making a phone call, sending a text, note, or letter but we get busy, we forget, we get lazy, or we convince ourselves that it won’t really matter. I can’t help but think that there are many such words we should have said, but didn’t."

I know that was quite a bit, and I'm sure if you wanted to read all that, you could have just read the talk, but I feel that those were important insights we as people sometimes overlook. Words truly carry unmeasurable power. If they didn't, I'm pretty sure I wouldn't have cried when Cedric Diggory died in the 4th Harry Potter book, and I think it would be much harder to fall in love with someone if the things they said had no effect on you. My first love won me in the beautiful and eloquent things he would write and say (That boy could right one lean, mean, i-gotta-have-you machine love letter!). I'm reading a book right now called "Prozac Nation", that is not normally something considered uplifting, and certainly isn't G-rated, but the powerful way the author uses her words is mind-blowing and effective. She truly places you into her world using ink on paper. Description and persuasion is an art in the form of words. Without words, I daresay there is no progression. They are essential.  
So today I solicit a challenge.
  It's something I've been trying to incorporate in my own life as of late. 
What are the things you regret, or will regret never having said? The way I see it, our clock ticks just as fast as anybodies, and we can spend that time watching The Bachelor (again, guuuuiiilllty), or we can spend it  calling an elderly person who rarely gets to speak to anyone. We can write a note that may be the saving grace to a person's crummy day. I think we've all had those times where we were able to see the hand of the Lord, or the love of Christ, through the words of another person. We truly have the ability to do so much good in the way we speak, and act as disciples of Christ. I remember when I was having friend troubles in 5th grade, my mother told me, 
"Never, ever say anything unkind. No one can say something bad or mean about someone who is nice to everyone." 
And ya know what? She was right. Think about it. We all had awful words spoken go around or come around to harness pain rather than love. Friendships are ruined, relationship destroyed, and the power is all on the tips of our tongues. Additionally, we often hear "actions speak louder than words", I've been asked in response to my previous blog about a newly widowed expecting mother, "What can we do?". For those interested in making a material difference, please view the button on my sidebar for donations in regards to assisting in the expenses of Landon's funeral expenses. Thanks SO much for all your prayers!

Now, how are we using our words, and
What do you have to say?