Monday, March 19, 2012

Indoor Star Gazing

You heard right. Indoor star gazing. With all the downtime I have at work, I find plenty of time to brainstorm new date ideas, and thus, indoor star gazing was born! 

Something about glow in the dark anything is just flat out magical, and because it is faaar to frigid outside at this time of year in Rexburg, we decided to improvise a little. 

I got an old white sheet, we broke and splattered glow sticks across it, pulled out a mattress, pinned the sheet to the ceiling, and stared at our man-made stars. 

 (Ryan being his smartie-self, and trying to make constellations.)

 (What a stud muffin.)

(Sorry, It was a little hard to capture the magic with a cell phone :P )

  (The aftermath of our glow stick massacre...)

I was a pretty happy camper. We thought about roasting smores over a candle but ended up grabbing dinner instead. There's always next time!

Now, for future references, if you ever try this at home:
Careful of glass. There's a little glass tube inside glow sticks, you don't want obliterate it otherwise you'll end up with little glass shards everywhere.
Also, You'll really see just how messy you were when you turn off the lights! Next time, I may just end up spraying the ceiling! I think it's a lot more vibrant, and it'll stop glowing in a day or two anyway right?! haha

The point is, I thought this was awesome. It was cheap, and made for a nice lazy Saturday night.
Fall in love people. Fall in love :)


  1. I'm trying ok?! Love is hard to find!

  2. so smart! i love this idea, y'all are too fun!

  3. I'm assuming you too are back together, and you can assume i've stalked you to come to this conclusion. It gives me utter joy and happiness.

    I want to try this date night idea! first step-that fall in love part.

    you are fabulous, beautiful, hilarious, absolutely stunning. all of the above.

  4. Aaaah what a fun date night idea! I love hearing what other couples come up with for date nights and this one is so unique! I'm going to have to try something like this too. Too fun!

  5. Hey Val!
    Couldn't find your email on here but,
    We love your blog! And were wondering if you wanted to do a button swap :)


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