Thursday, March 29, 2012

This is why my family is awesome.

 (if you get the humor in this, be not afraid to own up to it! Embrace the inner nerd!)

If anyone knows anything about pokemon, this is hilarious. If not... we may need to re-consider our friendship. I was raised on this stuff. haha I'm talking Pokemon bed comforters, Pokemon red, yellow, blue, gold, sapphire, etc for gameboy (addicting stuff, won't lie), pokemon cards, action figures, and N64 games. Heck, we even had Christmas tree ornaments! If I were my mother, I woulda been concerned for these boys social futures. 

Clearly there was nothing to worry about.... is there a girl in every one of my brothers profile pictures? Only one is married! Since when did girls stop having cooties, and my brothers start being able to talk to females without wetting themselves? Clearly times have changed... at least no matter how old they get, their relationship with Pokemon will never fade :)

(p.s., my neices name is Heidi, hence Heidi-chu was born. get it? get it? like Pikichu? hahaha oh man. That's good stuff.)

Now without further ado, Imma grab my pokeballs, and venture into the world.


  1. this. is. amazing! so glad you shared :)

  2. hahaha.. this is so funny! :) cute!

  3. Sorry Sweetie. I don't get it. Someone explain.

  4. Yeah...when DID all that change??

  5. Ummm... Talking to girls while wetting themselves? Someone should have told me this.


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