Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Chevron Canvas Laptop Cover

So I've been looking for a while for a cover for my laptop, and have found I haven't seen anything that i liked enough to drop $40 for. The obvious solution was to make my own, right? I found some canvas on sale for a few dollars, and a little masking tape and paint and minor sewing later: BAM! Laptop envelope. 

Really, momma did all the taping. She's the greatest wing man.

I'm a little obsessed with how it turned out!

I am living proof that you don't have to know how to sew very well, or draw, or paint to make something pretty nifty :) It also helps to have a momma! 
Now, I'm debating whether to offer hand-made laptop envelopes on my etsy account. Thoughts? Maybe, just maybe....


  1. I'm thinking that would be a great idea! And I'm thinking about having a booth at the BYU Stadium Farmer's Market this fall so if you did make some you could send them down here and I'd sell them for you!

  2. LOVE it. I'd buy it for sure.

  3. hey, I'm telling my sister to make this and follow your instructions. She has a laptop, i don't. hehehe Your blog is soft and peaceful. thanks!

  4. How adorable!


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