Wednesday, April 4, 2012

I Must Confess...

I could possibly have a detrimental health addiction.
Wanna hear what my FAV-FAV-FAV-ORITE part of Easter is? Ya know, besides that whole Christ totally overcoming death like the awesome Savior he is thing!
Two words.

It's a problem really, but I cannot help my undying love for them. (Don't tell my Fiance that I'm cheating of him for a bite sized, artificially flavored, High fructose corn syrup infused concoction.)

They are just so yummy! I think I've had them for breakfast for the last 3 days... I'm such a mature adult. But, when they only bring these special little gems around for the first few weeks in April every year, how could they not expect me to go CA-RAAAZY?! The possibilities and flavors are endless to keep my sugar-addiction at it's peak. They have Lemonhead, Lifesaver, Starburst, Warhead, Nerds, Sunkist, Pastels, Fruit Punch, Sweet Tarts... the list goes on, and they sell them for $2 a bag!!! Not to mention all of the egg shaped chocolate delights! (And yet, have you ever noticed that despite all these fabulous treats, one of those nasty little Palmers hollow chocolate bunnies manages to sneak it's way into your basket every year? Palmers... they've got the system rigged I say.)
Back to the good stuff though, how can we resist? It's like putting a shark in a pool of injured fish and telling him to play nice.

Needless to say... I may be in over my head here. I think they've started putting some new chemical in these treats that confuses your body into avoiding the gym and eating more jelly beans to make up for it! 
I love Easter. It will truly be a sad day this Monday when it's over. My not-so-swimsuit-ready body will thank me, but my under-exercised adoration for jelly beans will not. Here's to the day after Easter sales yo, I'm camping out for when those store doors open :)

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  1. hahah there are endless possibilities with jelly beans!

    love your blog- just came across it today :)

    andrea brionne


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