Thursday, April 26, 2012

I'm Aliiiive!

I get the award for the most inattentive blogger, having pushed it to almost a week since I last blogged. My apologies. You haven't missed too much though. The day before my birthday, Ryan and I saw downtown Spokane with my familia, and it was bomb.
We saw the Spokane falls...

 Visited the worlds largest Red Flyer wagon, sat on some blocks...
 and maturely pinched my little sisters bum bum. It's just so CA-UUUTE! Who could resist?

 Anyways, back to business:
Here's the Rexburg deal-io, I drive all day on my birfday (the 15th), get to the burg, and learn that the internet modem in my apartment is MIA. yes. GONE! You really don't realize how dependent you are on internet until it is unaccessible. And trust me, I've been having blogger nightmares everyday since it's been gone. "Tomorrow" they keep saying, and yet another day goes by without. Hopefully you enjoyed my ever-so-random craft post though. I must say, that laptop case is my faithful companion this semester.

Speaking of semesters can you say "mylifeisabouttogetawholelotharder?!" because I sure can. I am a busy lady. I job an on-campus job which is a first and a HUGE blessing. Needless to say, with all of the class juggling I've been doing, having to meet credit requirement and what not, I'm left on campus from 8-6 and lets just plan a wedding on top of that!

I work at the information desk and lost and found, which frankly is so fun, and so nervewracking at the same time. basically, if anyone has any question, anything at all, they ask us. and SOOOOMEHOW I have to figure out the answer or find who to forward them to. I feel like a fancy (and totally underqualified) secretary, but it's pretty legit if I do say so myself :)

Now, I'm gonna entertain you with my ever-so-fabulous Awesome and Awkward moments of the first week of school:

Awesome: Going to the grocery store with my brother and coming home to this b-day card that my old roommate Breanne left in my bedroom.--->
Then, she and my other friend popped outta the bathroom! Heaven knows how long they were waiting in there. haha

Awesome: So far, my books and materials have cost me less than $100! That is quite the accomplishement if I do say so myself.

Awesome: Buying new school clothes at a secondhand clothing store, and getting clothes for free secondhand. I don't care what people say about thriftshopping, it is awesome and basically my whole wardrobe is used. I cannot tell you how much money I save in the long run from doing it!

SUPER AWESOME: President Clark (The President of the University) said good morning to me today. Yes, lowly me, only but a peasant, graced by the presence of prestige.

Awesome: The VERY nice camera my parents bought me for my birthday. I'm pretty excited to say the least.

Awesome: A teacher gave me a free binder. Call me a nerd, but new (and FREE) office supplies seriously tickles me pink!

Now, for the (much more common) awkward moments:

Awkward: Showing up for work the first day and not having any of the paperwork you need to get approved for work.
"Driver's License?"
" I have a temporary copy because I just turned 21, my plastic will come in the mail in the next few weeks."
"That won't work."
 "Social Security card?"
"I have a fax of it, my parents keep the original."
"That won't work."
 "okaaay... do you accept first born children?"
I drove a half hour to get another copy of my SS card, but couldn't because I didn't have a plastic drivers license. Mommmy sent me it in the mail. Obviously I'm an adult.
Awkward: Every time someone comes to my desk to ask me a question that I don't know the answer to, and that I don't know how to find the answer for. 
"Aren't they paying you for this sort of thing?" "uh... yes?  wanna hop behind the desk and  give it a shot?"  fear not questionable students, I'll get it down :)
Awkward: I'm usually REALLY good at recognizing people I've met, buuut this girl passes me and said hi to me like we've been friends forever! And I'm all, you don't know me like that!  JK. But I was thinking it. Clearly she was confused because my stalwart memory would never fail me.
Awkward: Running into ex-boyfriends every day (I really don't have that many!). But, I think I'd prefer to run into ex's I hate, because then you wouldn't have to talk to them. Talking to Ex's that are still your friend and knowing they really can't be is just sad.
Awkward: Introducing myself in my intro to Business Real Estate class. You know that moment when you just don't belong, and everyone know's you don't belong? Bingo. They can smell a non-business major from a mile away!
Awkward: Having someone come to the info desk, ask a question, leave, and come back a few seconds later having mustered up the courage to ask me out, only to notice the engagement ring. Shut. Down. Trust me, that trainwreck was a hard thing to watch. "Hey, sorry, I know this is really random but would you...(glances at left hand) looong pause (points to my left hand) Oh.. right... Married. heh heh... Nevermind..." Poor guy. I told him he deserves points for boldness.
Awkward: That moment when you walk out of the bathroom, and the guy in the Mens room across from the women's bathroom walks out of the bathroom at the same time, and you give each other that oh yea, I know what yoooou were doin in there... look, and then quickly divert your eyes to avoid owning up to it. It's funny... we all know everyone goes to the bathroom... I just prefer to not to be reminded!

I can't decide if this is awkward or awesome, but I'm leaning towards awesome.
Ninja Turtle Backpack bay-baaaay. and barefoot. BYU-I just keeps getting better and better!
And that sums it up. Sorry I'm crazy busy with school and all, I must say, you bloggers out there that post daily/every other day, I'm impressed. I can't promise I'll be that routine, but I promise when I write, It should be worth reading. 
Til later loverlies :)


  1. IIII missed you! Happy you're back and had SO MUCH FUN!

  2. So jealous!! I love Spokane!!! I'm going there in July. It really is the best isn't it? Lovely, lovely photos.



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