Monday, April 23, 2012

Interior design whaaaat?

SO. I'm alive and surviving the fist week of school, (more to come on that topic later). 
And guess what? This little lady is taking a Practical Home making class, AKA one of those wifey-mommy classes carpeting the campus at BYU-Idaho (practical class for a wife-to-be right?).
The class is broken up into three tortuous, and fast pace parts made up of sewing, cooking, and you guessed it, interior design. Besides the fact that my professor is the most intense, and (dare I say) meanest little pregnant woman I have ever met, and hearing her talk gives me anxiety attacks with a side of headaches and a cherry on top, I'm enjoying it so far! 
One of our first assignments was taking a few style profile quizzes (which were surprisingly accurate I must say) and then compiling some images that match. If you're feeling bored, feel free to check em out for yourself! 

       The Home Stylist quiz at:
(It's like Seventeen magazine quizzes for us mature, finger sandwich, mini van, adult ladies ;) 

My main design styles were "Country Cottage" and "Gracious" aka old fashioned.  
Naturally Polyvore and I had an intimate date over some white chocolate popcorn, and 
My visual representation was born! 
Fresh Teal 

They seriously to create a wedding registry online where you can put the items together like this. Genius I tell you. 
Watch out world; Imma be rollin in da dough wit ideas like dis.


  1. Found your blog through Alana at Life & Times, your posts are so cute! & I love love love the colors of these these room boards!
    Clicking follow!

  2. Gosh, these colors are so gorgeous!! I love these looks! Teal is my all time favorite color, so it's kinda hard not to :)


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