Sunday, April 8, 2012

Oh the things we have access to...

There I was, sitting in a car on the way home to Spokane, transferring money into my bank account from my fiance's phone. In a car, using the internet, from a phone. It really got me thinking about how advanced technology has become! Its insane to think that it can really become more advanced, and yet, it can. Ryan showed me this video that is about a product that is predicted to become accessible to the average household within 40 years! This is insane, I think I need to start purchasing some stocks.

Crazy eh?
Speaking of having access to things I never thought possible, I think some issues for business owners in particular is that they get these reviews and ratings out in the world wide web, and may never know about them. I'm sure that can be frustrating for anyone! It's like dirty gossip passed around middle school and not finding out until your reputation is blown! 
Anywho, technology: I found a website that tracks reviews all over the web! It's called "Review Trackers" (basically it's an "online review monitoring for local businesses Review Trackers makes it easy for businesses to monitor their online reviews. They offer a simple dashboard that allows you to view all your reviews in one place. They also send you email notifications every time you get a new review, which makes it easy for business owners to see what is being said about their company online. 
My mind is blown as to how they can even do that! I'm beginning to realize the world is far more brilliant and accessible than I ever was aware of. Seriously, what more am I missing out on here? The fact that I can even blog my thoughts and have it open for the world to see is kinda exciting. Hope I don't have any bad reviews out there! haha
So here's what I'm beginning to realize, I need to really start recording in a journal or something my thoughts about new technologies. How cool would that be to come across and read in the future from the comfort of my hovercraft! (or whatever it is I'm driving then...) haha We're making history people, and by golly, I'm gonna find someway to make my thoughts known in a futuristic history book.
Beam me up Scotty.

Also I really love Ryan.

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  1. I saw this video a while ago.. isn't it so cool that all of these things have been invented?!


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