Sunday, May 20, 2012

 I feel like I really wouldn't be myself if I weren't late to post about birthdays and holidays, so there you go. My motha's day post:
Ten things I love about my momma:
1. She would let kids be kids. No matter how much Laundry she had to do...
2. Despite how many holes we shot into our fence, how much paper, paint and glue we wasted, how many sports games we lost, she always encouraged her children's interests.

3. She listens and is understanding. My momma treats us like adults and offers her thoughts and opinions, but never forces her choice onto us. She lets us make our mistakes, and then teaches us how to learn from them.
4. I can always rely on her. If there's anything I need, she's there. If I ask her to do me a favor, consider it done. I never have to wonder if she has gotten around to anything, she's a doer.
5. She knows when to yell, and when to laugh. Thankfully, she mostly laughs. So, we spilled a gallon of hot pink paint on the garage stairs... that's cool. I guess we're painting the stairs pink! There's moms easygoing train of thought in action.
6. When some mother's see their children running around naked, stuck in a strange places, covered in some identifiable (or unidentifiable) substance, or eating food off the floor, they may try to clean it up, teach a new lesson, scold on why we don't do certain things... My mom takes a picture and prays there is no permanent physical or mental damage. So far so good... right?
 (it was CHEESECAKE people, what would you have done?!)

7. My mom finds the time to help her children accomplish what they want to do, whether it's staying up late to work on a project, or taking her kids fabric shopping to sew the next new Pinterest idea, she's there.
8. I'm 21 years old, and my mommy still sends care packages to school :) ... they usually include my car insurance bill which takes a little bit of the fun outta it, but what can you do? Be jealous.
9. My mom let her children plaster the basement in Dairy Queen advertisements and decided they should be permanent decor. You may call it tacky, I call it LEGENDARY. Next we just have to sell her on the soft-serve machine with blizzard toppings idea, and then we've hit the jackpot. 

10. She's basically just the best momma ever. Nuff said. 

Now, For the first time.... uh...ever... I have 2 momma's for Mother's Day!!! (better than Christmas right?)
So, in honor of such a glorious event, I give you:
10 Things I love about my momma Stratford! (or "Jolicious" if you are feelin extra spicy ;)

1. She is a DOLL. Absolutely adorable. I tell you what, I don't think she's aged a day since she was 25.
2. She is so warm. She just makes you feel so comfortable and welcomed, the first time I met her I felt so loved, like I'd known her all my life. That's pretty dang awesome if you ask me. 
3. She's so sweet! You hear all these horror stories about mother-in-laws and what not, and frankly, I feel a little jipped that I might not have any! 
4. Cookies. Amazing. That is all I have to say. 
5. She LOVES her children. Boy, there isn't anything she wouldn't do for them. Just seeing the way she talks about them, worries about them... man. (Ryan you stinker, YOUR MOMMA LOVES YOU!)
 6. She is selfless. She and papa Stratford drove around Salt Lake city looking for movies and treats and anything to make our weekend wonderful when I met them the first time. I'm a pretty lucky girl to have two sets of selfless parents.
7. She's way easy to talk to. Conversation flows so easily, and she says exactly how she feels. I know that if I ever needed someone to go to, she'd be ready and waiting!
8. She's such a fun momma. LOOK HOW PRECIOUS! She's dressed up like a clown. And look at Ryguy! good heavens, my babies are gonna be cute. :)

9. She's a DANG good cook. Poor Ryan is probably gonna lose weight when he marries me...
10. Most importantly, she raised a remarkable man for me to fall in love with. I've decided that sure, he can get some of the credit, but he still got a lot from his momma. There aren't words to adequately thank her enough for that.
(Ooooooooh that  BABY BOY! If I don't have babies as cute as that, I may sue for false advertising. Watch out.)

Anywho, so I'm a week late, mother-appreciation is everyday of the year and I LOVE MY MOMMA'S

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